Last Aces Dance of the Season

May 30, 2019 (07:00 PM) - May 30, 2019 (10:00 PM)
May, 24 2019
May 23, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Hello, ACES Families!

I would like to give a shout out and say thank you to all the volunteers who came out to our last dance. Your help and teamwork made the event the success it was and we couldn't have done it without!!!! Our last dance raised $2368.45 for our club. That's pretty great for a 3-hour event and that we did not quite hit capacity. We did, however, have over 200 kids come out!

Our last Aces dance is fast approaching. These dances are one of our main fundraisers and a community favourite.  These dances are open to kids in Grades 5 through 8 and are held at the New Hamburg Arena (at the corner of Jacob and Boullee streets in New Hamburg.  The link to the location is on the calendar).

The dance starts at 7.00pm and ends at 10.00pm.

Chaperones are needed from 6.45 until 10.15 unless you have signed up for the early and/or late shifts!

It is possible that many of you have already reached your allotted number of TEC points for the season. With that being said, we cannot run these dances without enough adult supervision. 

The job sign-up is posted. Please consider signing up and joining in the fun. It is greatly appreciated!

Yours in dance,
Jenny 'Flossin' Kelly