WHAT Summer Showcase @ Wesleyan (Non Senior, Non Age Group Champ Quals.)

Jul 26, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019
June, 4 2019


LOCATION: Wesleyan University

MEET FORMAT: The meet will be swum as Timed-Final for all Friday Events and Saturday/Sunday 10 & Under Events. The meet will be swum as a Prelim-Final format for the 11/12 and 13/over events on Saturday and Sunday. The 400 free and the 400 IM will be swum from fastest to slowest alternating women and men; Swimmers must provide their own timers for those events. There will be one heat of finals- Championship- for the 11/12 (Top 8) and two heats- Consolation and Championship- (Top 16) for 13/14 and 15-18. 

SESSION TIMES: Subject to Change
 Friday Warm-Up- 3:15pm- 4:40pm Start- 4:45pm
 Sat/Sun 13/ Over Warm-Up- 6:30am-7:40am Start- 7:45am
 Sat/Sun 11/12 Warm-Up- 11:00pm-11:50pm Start- 12:00pm
 Sat/Sun Session 3 Warm-Up- 3:10pm-3:40pm Start- 3:45pm
 Sat/Sun Finals Warm-Up- 5:30pm-6:25pm Start- 6:30pm

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