SKSC Knights June Jamboree

Jun 8, 2019
May, 27 2019
June 7, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
3c. Gold SSLC - LMR,3d. Gold GLFD - LMR,4b. Junior Competitive LMR,5. Development,6. Senior Competitive,7a. Performance 6,7b. Performance 7,8a. High Performance Red,8b. High Performance Black ([* ALL Locations *])


Knights June Jamboree

Saturday, June 8th


Groups: all LMR qualified swimmers

Note: swimmers who are qualified for LMR champs (but not age group provincial or provincial qualified), who do no attend LMR champs are not permitted to enter this meet unless there is a discussion with your group coach.  LMR Champs is the priority for these swimmers.

Meet Package: Posted

Club Scratch Deadline Thursday, June 6 


This is an SKSC hosted event and we will need volunteers.  Please see job sign up once posted.