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Open Water State Champs @ Clemson, SC

Jun 8, 2019 (03:00 AM)
May, 24 2019
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2019 INFO



Please sign up as soon as you know your swimmer is going to swim in this meet.


East Beach, Hartwell Lake, at the CU Rowing Facility

522 East Beach Drive

Clemson, SC 29634

Type of Meet:

This is a lake swim and not a pool swim! Something different! 

SC LSC Open Water Championship Events:

Jim Keogh Senior 15-18 5K

Christine Jennings 13-14 5K

Jacque Grossman 11-12 3K

10 & Under 1K

Open Events:

Open 5K

Open 3K

Open 1K

Open 0.5K 

Here are a few VERY important notes:

1)    In order to be scored in the championship event, your swimmers must be entered in the championship event.  Championship events are indicated by single event numbers, without any letter, i.e., “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “7”, “8”, “11” & “12” as opposed to the non-championship events with a number and letter, e.g., “5A”.

2)    Note that t-shirts will be available for sale, but are no longer part of the entry fee.  The meet fee does include athlete hospitality at the end of the race and a meet cap.  Additional food will be available for sale on site.

What Groups:

All Groups all Sites! This is an awesome meet. Shortest event is equal to a 500 free.

(Mini Ray Swimmers that are interested in swimming in this meet, please talk with your swimmers coach about if you should sign up and what events to sign up for. You will have to pay the 1x a season USA Swimming registration fee to swim in this meet and other USA Swimming Sanctioned Meets ($80)

T-Shirt Schedule:

Saturday: White Rays Champions Shirt

Meet Schedule:

Session Info


Pre-Race Meeting

Event Start

Saturday: 5K




Saturday: 3K




Saturday: 1k




Saturday:  .5K (1/2K)





Suit and Cap for Rays Swimmers:

Black Team Suit and Red/Yellow Team Cap ONLY

Other Important Info:

Click on this Link to See Hotel Info from the Meet Host

The DVOW is less than a week away.  Here is some important information.

1)      First, please send this link to your swimmers and their parents and ask them to watch the race briefing video:

2)      Due to construction near the site, parking will be further from the location than normal.  Swimmers can be dropped off at the site before parking.  We will then have a minivan shuttling spectators to the site.

3)      All awards will be mailed accept for the Anna C. Sams recognition for completing all events (which will be handed out at the finish of the last event) and the team championship banners and plaques.