NJ Swimming LC Silver/Bronze Champs

Jul 12, 2019 (07:00 AM) - Jul 14, 2019 (11:59 PM)
June, 28 2019


NJS LC Silver/Bronze Champs - July 12-14, 2019
Rutgers University
Register your automobile for BB Silver/Bronze Meet with:
All eligible swimmers/groups participating.  (Qualifiers Only!)
Friday -
   12-Under 400Free & 400IM - 8:00am
   13-Over 400Free & 400IM - 9:30am
   12-Under Main Session - 3:30pm
Saturday -
   13-14's - 7:10am
   12-Under - 11:45am
   15-Over - 4:45pm
Sunday -
   13-14's - 7:10am
   12-Under -11:45am
   15-Over - 4:45pm
SCARLET Timing Assignments (see below *)
- Swimmers in the 400Free & 400IM events are to supply their own timer.
- Swimmers in the 800Free & 1500Free events may need to supply their own timer.
Friday -  
   12-Under Main Sesion - Lane #3 - Vulpescu, Sowa, Catalano, Anand        Alt - Shao, Zheng
Saturday -
   13-14's - Lane #8 - Salvador, Jeena, Jagtap, Patelski        Alt - Riaz
   15-Over - Lane #7 - Shah, Peddu, Viris        Alt - Campece, Jothi
   12-Under - Lane #8 - Cui, Ho, Warner, Almeida        Alt - Perry, Mora
   15-Over - Lane #1 - Mironescu, Vernikov, Cogdill        Alt - Newton, Chen
(For all other sessions, please be prepared to help out if asked.  Thanks!)

* Meet Timing Assignment Procedures For Meets NOT HOSTED by SAC:  Each assigned family is asked to do about 1 hour of the timing assignment. It is suggested that the listed order be used. However,you may get together and agree to another order. The families listed as ALT will need to help out in the case that one of the assigned families is unable to fulfill their timing responsibility or the session runs longer than expected.