Alpha Swim Cap Order

May 11, 2019 - May 17, 2019
May, 17 2019


We will be placing an order for Alpha swim caps in mid-May.

All orders must be in multiples of two, so families must order a minimum of two caps (that is the way the caps are produced). 


Prices of Caps (2 Caps per Order)











We do these orders twice per year (in May and October), so please stock up!

If you put in an order and do not indicate how many to purchase, we will assume you want two non-personalized silicone caps.

If you want to order swim caps, you have 4 decisions to make:

  1. How many do you want?  You must choose an even number.
  2. Black or white?  Do you want a black cap with white writing or a white cap with black writing? The caps look great either way and the team never requires you to race in one color or the other.  This is strictly a preference.
  3. Silicone or latex?  Silicone is thicker and more durable.  Latex is thinner and wears out a little faster.  Note both materials will ultimately wear out.  Some swimmers prefer the thinness of the latex caps, some prefer the thicker silicone caps.  Again this is a preference.
  4. Personalized or non-personalized?  If you would like the caps customized, you may put any name or nick-name on the caps you would like.  Again, you must order an even number of caps and both caps MUST have the same text.

Use the NOTES BOX to indicate the number of caps you wish to order, the color, the material and any text that you wish to be written on the swim cap.

Sample: personalized order - 4 black silicone customized with “Smith”.

Sample: non-personalized order - 2 black latex non-customized.