GLT Committee SignUp

May 15, 2019 (10:00 AM) - Dec 31, 2019 (11:00 AM)
May, 15 2019
December 30, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Greetings GLT Families!
One of the things that we hear often from parents in that they would like to help, but are not able to commit to all of the demands of being on GLT’s Board.  At our last meeting, there was discussion about expanding specific GLT committees to the General Membership.  By doing so, the club would benefit from new ideas/interests and assistance with execution.  In addition, we will be developing “Group Parents” to be a liaison between the swimmers/parents in a specific group and the GLT Board.  These parents would help pass out Welcome Bags, GLT Pictures, Championship shirts, etc. and make sure the family receives their belongings.  If you feel so inclined to help, please consider joining a GLT Committee or becoming a Group Parent. 

Below is a brief description of each committee group, and the signup for this will be attached to the email HERE.  If you would like to contribute, but the spots are full, please reach out to the committee lead and express your interest. 


EVENTS- This committee is in charge of all events hosted by GLT outside of the pool.  Included is GLT Summer Picnic, GLT Christmas Party, GLT Annual Banquet, making door signs for away meets, making "State Bags" for those attending qualifying meets, etc.  This group would plan, and execute all of these social events.  Events Lead:  Lori Morrison [email protected]


FUNDRAISING- This committee is in charge of looking for innovative and creative ways to raise money to offset cost for the club.  These events should be tailored to be a win/win for both the donators and the club receiving financial benefit.  By joining this committee, you will help to think of and execute new opportunities that would benefit the donors, the general members and the swim club as a whole.  Examples of fundraisers in the past include Achatz Pie Fundraiser, Swim-a-thon, Golf Outing, Alex and Ani, Deneweth Days, etc.  Fundraising Lead:  Meaghan Glasgow [email protected]


APPAREL I am looking for 3-4 Committee members to help make decisions on the type of apparel on logo designs for the apparel.  We will meet periodically throughout the year.  Most frequently leading into the start of the fall season and spring/summer season when we release our new spiritwear site.  I would like to have a coach, a parent of an older swimmer, a parent of a younger swimmer, and a high school swimmer (if interested).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about what the responsibilities of a committee member would entail.- Lead Apparel:  Mike Johannes [email protected]


TIMERS-Swimming competitions require a lot of volunteer assistance, especially at the timer position where we need at least 20 volunteers per session. This includes 16 timers (2 per lane), 2 finishers, and 2 back up timers. To make our meets a success our lead timer, Ken Czarny, is looking for two assistants. Their role will be as lead timer or back-up timer at inter-squad meets, MCSL meets, and especially our 2-1/2 day Tsunami meet. If you’re interested in helping please select a spot in the sign-up sheet. Thank you!  Lead Timer:  Ken Czarny [email protected]


MARKETING- I am looking for those with ideas to market the club “outside” the box and those who understand the importance of the club having a great image to represent how truly awesome the club really is to be part of it.  Marketing Lead:  Christina Shafer [email protected]

Thank you in advance!  Go GLT!!
~GLT Board of Directors