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2019 LC YMCA Regionals

Jul 5, 2019 (09:00 AM) - Jul 7, 2019 (08:00 PM)
June, 21 2019
CSDY - Atlantic Rays,CSDY - Blue Rays,CSDY - Electric Rays,CSDY - Manta Rays,CSDY - Pre-Senior 1,CSDY - Pre-Senior 2,GFY - Atlantic Rays,GFY - Senior,RHAC - Atlantic Rays,RHAC - Blue Rays,RHAC - Electric Rays,RHAC - Manta Rays,RHAC - Pre-Senior 1,RHAC - Pre-Senior 2,RHAC - Senior 1 (CSDY - Clover School District Community YMCA,GFY - Gregory Family YMCA Lancaster,RHAC - Rock Hill Aquatics Center)


Please sign up as soon as you know your swimmer is going to swim in this meet.


701 1st St. NW

Hickory, NC 28601

Type of Meet:

YMCA Championship meet. 3 Full Days Pre-lims finals for 13 & Overs with Prelims being in the morning and finals being at night. 12 & unders will be timed finals in the afternoon.

What Groups:

This meet is for all groups.

T-Shirt Schedule:

Friday: Red For the Team Shirt

Saturday: White Rays Champions Shirt

Sunday: Grey 1988 shirt

Meet Schedule:

Please See Meet Itinerary. 

Suit and Cap for Rays Swimmers:

Black Team Suit and/or Speedo Tech Suit for those swimmers resting for this meet.

Red/white Team Cap ONLY

Other Important Info:

This meet is the final meet to either qualify or tune up meet for SC State meet later in July. It is prelims/finals!