Volunteer/FRP Cheque Collection Days

Jun 10, 2019 - Jun 14, 2019
June, 10 2019
June 11, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Volunteer and FRP Cheque Collection Days

The following days will be available for members to drop off cheques for their volunteer and FRP assessments:

Tuesday, June 11th 4:30-6:00pm North Surrey
Wednesday, June 12th 4:30-7:00pm Guildford
Wednesday, June 12th 4:30-6:00pm North Surrey
Thursday, June 13th 5:00-7:30pm SSLC
Thursday, June 14th 5:00-7:00pm Guildford
Friday, June 14th 4:30-5:30pm and after the AGM till 7:30pm Guildford
Friday, June 14th 5:00-7:00pm SSLC
If you cannot make these times, please email registrar@surreyknights.com to make alternate arrangements.
Totals will be emailed out the first week of June, and updated for those necessary accounts after the June 8th meet.
We will need volunteers, so please see job sign up button above.