FULL TEAM Triton Duel meet

Jun 23, 2019 (07:45 AM) - Jun 23, 2019 (11:00 AM)
June, 17 2019


The final edition of our Triton Sprint Series will be a full team duel meet for everyone from our youngest TCS member to our fastest competitive member to our oldest Masters swimmer.  

A duel meet is where our swimmers will be split up into 2 different teams and race against each other to earn points.  Kids will earn points based on where they place in their heats.

There will be a variety of events for the different levels of swimmers including kick board races and skill events as well as 1 or 2 full team relays.

Where: Beaumont Aqua Fit

When: 7:45-11:00am

Who: All TCS, TCS FAST, competitive and masters members

Cost: TBD (0-$10)

If the weather cooperates I (coach Matt) will be hosting a bbq at the splash park to follow if anyone wishes to join us (a sign up sheet will be e-mailed out to all  signed up to attend the duel meet a couple of days before the event).

Here's to a great team event to finish off the regular season where we say good by to our swimmers who are finished for the year and good luck to those continuing on to bigger and better meets. Hope to see EVERYONE there.