MAAPP Compliance

Jun 1, 2019 - Jun 30, 2020
June, 2 2020


Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

USA Swimming has been proactive in working to best guarantee the safety of its athletes over the last decade or so.  In their tireless pursuits, the USA Swimming Board of Directors has just recently developed the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) and is requiring all USA Swimming teams nationwide to comply by the June 23 deadline.  This compliance is now expected of swimmers, coaches, parents, officials, and even timers at swim meets!        

In order to make STAR Aquatics and its members MAAPP compliant as quickly and efficiently as possible, we have designed a quick and easy online registration process on the STAR website.  It only takes a couple minutes but is of the utmost importance.  To get your family MAAPP compliant according to USA Swimming’s guidelines, please follow the directions below:


1.    Go to the team’s homepage of

2.    Go to the lower right hand corner and click on the Volunteer Hours tab.  

3.    From there, find MAAPP COMPLIANCE and click on the tab,

4.    Go through the registration process.  

5.    Congrats!  You are now MAAPP compliant!


For any athletes 18 or over, there is an additional step that must me done.  Please follow the steps below:


All athletes aged 18 & Over MUST have completed the Athlete Protection Course offered by USA Swimming (Free training at: ---be sure to log in and take courses for USA Swimming members to get credit for the course and to remain an active USA Swimming Member) 


Unfortunately, because USA Swimming has come down with this mandate, any swimmers whose families have not gone online and registered for MAAPP compliance by the June 23 deadline WILL NOT be allowed in the water until registration is complete.  




Thank you for your time and thank you for doing your respective parts in helping make our pool decks safer for our athletes.