2019 MAAP Acknowledgement

Jun 6, 2019 (03:45 PM) - Jul 18, 2019 (11:00 PM)
July, 18 2019
Bronze,Gold,Intro to Dolphins,Senior,Silver,Staff ([* ALL Locations *])


USA Swimming announced an enhanced set of Safe Sport policies collectively called the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Police (MAAPP).  These changes stem from requirements imposed on USA Swimming by the U.S. Center for SafeSport .  Member clubs MUST IMPLEMENT and obtain agreement/acknowledgement of their members by June 23, 2019.


In this registration, each of the individual policy (One-on-One Interactions, Electronic Communication, Social Media and Travel) of MAAPP is provided and will need electronic agreement by each member (swimmer) and their family.  Below is a link to the entire MAAPP for you if you would like to read it before starting your online registration. 

To begin registration of your acknowledgement of the MAAPP, click "Register Online".

Directions to complete Event Registration after you click "Register Online" on this page:

  1. Click green rectangle labelled “Continue or Check Status”
  2. If required, log into your Dolphins account
  3. Check account information (only boxes with red stars are required to be filled in)
  4. Click green box labelled “Continue”
  5. Click on the box in front of registered athlete or coach name.  A check mark should appear in box.
  6. In the section labelled “Register to this Group”, click the down pointing carrot on the right hand side to reveal option.  Click to highlight “MAAPP Acknowledgement”
  7. Repeat for each registered swimmer.
  8. Scroll down and review each section of the MAAPP and click the box at the end of each section to record your approval.  A check mark should appear in the box.  There are 5 sections and boxes to click.
  9. At the bottom of webpage, click green box labelled “Continue”
  10. On new webpage, Click green box labeled “Submit Registration”




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