PVS 2019 LC 13 & Over Championships

Jul 18, 2019 - Jul 21, 2019
July, 8 2019
Booster Club 2018-2019


This swim meet is open to all 13 and older DC Wave registered swimmers for the 2018-2019 season who meet the qualifying times listed in the meet announcement. Swimmers must be in good financial standing with the DC Wave booster club. Swimmers will compete as the age they are on July 18, 2019.


University of Maryland
Eppley Recreation Center
College Park, MD


  • Thursday, Friday, & Sunday
    • 13-14 Prelims
      • 6:30 AM Warm-up
      • 7:40 AM Session Starts
    • 15 & Over Prelims
      • 11:00 AM Warm-ups
      • 12:10 PM Session Starts
    • Finals
      • 4:30 PM Warm-up
      • 5:30 PM Session Starts
  • Saturday
    • Timed Finals (All Ages)
      • 2:00 PM Warm-up
      • 3:00 PM Session Starts

Important Notes

  • For a list of events offered, and the order the meet will be swum in, please refer to the Meet Announcement below.
  • This meet does have qualifying times. The report below only shows eligible athletes.
  • A 13-14 swimmer MAY NOT swim any event they swam at the 2019 PVS LC Open Champs, INCLUDING an event swum as a bonus event. 
  • A 15 & Over swimmer MAY NOT enter an event they are eligible to swim at the 2019 PVS LC Open Champs, if they qualify with either LCM or SCY time standard AND they cannot swim an event they swim as a bonus event at Open Champs. 
  • Finals: There will be 3 heats swum in finals for all individual events except the 800M and the 1500M Freestyle, and the 400 IM.
    • Heats will be swum in the following order "C", "B", and "A"
    • 13-14 Events: "A" and "B" finals will consist of the top 16 swimmers, and heat "C" will consist of the next fastest 8, 13 year old swimmers. 
    • 15 & Over Events: "A" and "B" finals will consist of the top 16 swimmers, and heat "C" will consist of the next fastest 8, 15 year old swimmers. 
  • PVS scratch rules apply for swimmers scratching from finals. Please see the meet announcement for rules and the scratch procedure.
  • Distance Events: Swimmers in these events are responsible for providing their own timer and counter if desired. 
  • Deck entries will not be accepted for this meet.
  • All events will be positive check-in. 
  • Chairs for swimmers will not be allowed on deck.