Pre C / Novice Meet in Eden Prairie

Jul 17, 2019 (05:30 PM) - Jul 17, 2019 (08:00 PM)
June, 26 2019


We have been invited to the Foxjet July 17 Pre C Meet.

Warm up at 4:30 - Meet starts at 5:30 pm

Location: Eden Prairie Aquatic Center, 16,700 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie 

Fees: MSI Entry fee of $3.00 and $22.00 Facility Fee ($25.00 total per swimmer). PDF programs and Meet Mobile programs will be free of charge Time Schedule: Warm-Up 4:30 PM, Meet Begins 5:30 PM

Eligibility:"C", "Pre-C" and "NT" entries are eligible. "NT" entries WILL be accepted. "B" times (or faster) in any course are not eligible. Swimmers may only choose one (1) 200-yard event