2019 ST STAGS LC Championship

Jul 11, 2019 (02:00 AM) - Jul 14, 2019 (02:00 AM)
June, 29 2019


2019 ST STAGS LC Championship

Hosted by San Antonio Wave

July 11-14, 2019

For swimmers with STAGS Qualifying Standards 

LOCATION: Palo Alto College Natatorium; 1400 W. Villaret Blvd San Antonio, TX 78224



Session 1, Thu PM 7/11 (Timed Finals) - Warm Up 3:00 PM, Meet Starts 4:30 PM
Session 2, Fri AM 7/12 (Prelims) - Warm Up 7:00 AM, Meet Starts 9:00 AM
Session 3, Fri PM 7/12 (Finals) - Warm Up 4:00 PM, Meet Starts 5:00 PM
Session 4, Sat AM 7/13 (Prelims) - Warm Up 7:00 AM, Meet Starts 9:00 AM
Session 5, Sat PM 7/13 (Finals) - Warm Up 4:00 PM, Meet Starts 5:00 PM
Session 6, Sun AM 7/14 (Prelims) - Warm Up 7:00 AM, Meet Starts 9:00 AM
Session 7, Sun PM 7/14 (Finals) - Warm Up 3:00 PM, Meet Starts 4:00 PM

More detailed information will be sent out to all participants the Wednesday before the meet, including warm up assignments and exact warm up times!

Bring and Wear:

  • Water Bottles, Healthy Snacks (Fruits, Nuts, Trail-Mix)
  • Nitro Team Suit, Nitro Team Cap, Goggles
  • Clothes to Wear Between Races (Shorts, Shirts, Warm Up Pants / Jackets, etc)
  • Shoes (to keep your feet warm between races)

Entries and Fees:

  • Swimmers' age as of the start of the meet (July 11, 2019) will determine their age for the entire meet.
  • A swimmer may participate in three (3) individuals events per day.
  • Entry Fees:$12.00 per event. Your account on file with www.nitroswim.com will be automatically billed. There will be no refunds for any reason including but not limited to injury and/or illness
  • Athletes must follow STS Scratching Rules or financial penalites will be imposed.

Qualfiying Times:

There are "STAGS" Qualifying Time Standards. Found here . 

Meet Format:

Championship Format: preliminaries and finals. A and B finals for all individual events except as noted:

  • Timed finals only for the 12-14 400 IM, 10 & Under 400 Free, 800 Free, and 1500 Free.
  • “A” final only for the 400 Free (11-12, 13-14, and 15-18) and the 400 IM (15-18).
  • All relays will be timed finals and will swim in the preliminary sessions only.

Preliminary events will be seeded by time and gender according to the Order of Events on pages 8-9 except as noted. Positive check-in is required for all distance events (400 meters and longer). All preliminary events will swim slowest to fastest, except as noted. The three fastest heats of each preliminary event, except for timed finals events, will be championship seeded. All finals events will be contested in the specified age groups in the finals sessions, swimming slowest to fastest by age group. Finals heats will swim in oldest to youngest age group order (15-18, 13-14, 11-12, 10 & Under).

The 12-14 400 IM, 10 & Under 400 Free, 800 Free, and 1500 Free events will be contested as timed finals only, age combined, alternating female and male heats, and will swim fastest to slowest.

Swimmers must provide their own backup timer and lap counter for the 800 Free and 1500 Free events. Swimmers in the 400 IM and 400 Free events must provide their own backup timer.

There will be a 10-minute break after the relay events.

The meet administration reserves the right to alter meets operations after the entries have been received. Events may be swum using chase starts. Odd heats will finish on the South end and even heats will finish on the North (diving board) end of the pool for all events except for the 50s. All 50’s will finish on the South end of the pool. Announcements regarding how the meet will be run will be communicated to entry contacts and during the coach meetings, if necessary.

Scratch Rules:

There is no penalty for failing to scratch from a pre-seeded preliminary event.

The top 16 qualifiers in each preliminary event will be announced and posted shortly after the final heat.
ALL qualifiers have 30 minutes in which to scratch if they do not desire to compete in the finals. As top
qualifiers scratch, other swimmers become eligible for finals. So if a swimmer does NOT want to swim
in finals, they must scratch their name on the list with the Administrative Official no matter how
far down the list their name appears. The athletes swimming in finals will be posted as soon as
possible after the 30-minute scratch period.
Scratches may be accomplished by a coach, swimmer, or parent, but they must use the STSI Scratch
from Finals form and it must be signed by the swimmer’s coach. No verbal scratches or scratches made
without the official Scratch form and the signature of the swimmer’s coach will be accepted.
Swimmers who qualify for finals and elect NOT to compete in finals must scratch or declare
INTENT to scratch with the Administrative Official within 30 minutes of the announcement.
Swimmers who declare an intent to scratch will then have 15 minutes after the completion of their last
individual event of the session to confirm the scratch. Following the 15-minute deadline, if scratch
confirmation is not received it will be assumed the swimmer will compete in the finals event.

Swimmers who fail to compete in a positive check-in event after positive check-in will be disqualified from
their next individual prelims event. For a no show in a finals event (any swimmer who qualifies for a final
and does not scratch and then fails to compete in the finals heat), the penalty is $50 per event and
disqualification from the swimmer’s next individual prelims event. When the no-show is on Sunday or if
the athlete has no remaining individual events, the fine is $100 per event. Illness and injury may be
excused by the Meet Referee and this policy does not apply to alternates.
A swimmer who fails to compete in a finals event on Sunday will also be barred from competition in
subsequent South Texas Swimming sanctioned meets until any such fines are paid to South Texas

Order of Events:

Session 1: 12/14 400 IM --- 10/U 400 Free --- 11/18 800 Free --- 11/18 1500 Free

Session 2 & 3: 12/U 200 Free RELAY --- 13/18 400 Medley RELAY --- 12/U 50 Fly --- 18/U 100 Free --- 11/18 200 Back --- 11/18 100 Breast --- 15/18 400 IM --- 11/12 400 Free

Session 4 & 5: 12/U 200 Medley RELAY --- 13/18 400 Free RELAY --- 12/U 50 Breast --- 18/U 200 Free --- 18/U 100 Back --- 11/18 200 Fly --- 13/18 400 Free

Session 6 & 7: 12/U 400 Free RELAY --- 13/18 200 Free RELAY --- 12/U 50 Back --- 18/U 100 Fly --- 11/18 200 Breast --- 18/U 50 Free --- 18/U 200 IM