SWOYSL Summer Long Course Championships

Jul 9, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020 (10:00 PM)
July, 1 2020



This meet is our league championship meet for the summer season. All year-round swimmers are highly encouraged to participate. There are qualifying times for events 100 meters or longer. There are no qualifying times for 50's so all swimmers who have swum in at least 3 YMCA meets since last fall are eligible to compete. 



Corwin Nixon Aquatic Center

Miami University

750 Oak St. 

Oxford, OH 45056


Schedule: (approximate based on last year; updated schedule will be posted the week of the meet)                

                                              Arrival Time      Warm-up        Meet Start          Meet End

Thursday (800/1500 session)  4:30pm           4:45pm          5:30pm               TBD

Fri 11 & Over Prelims                7:00am           7:30am          8:00am              TBD

Fri 11 & Over Finals                  3:40pm            4:00pm         5:00pm                TBD

Sat 11 & Over Prelims              6:40am            7:00am          8:00am              TBD

Sat 10 & Under                         1:20pm            1:45pm          2:15pm               TBD

Sat 11 & Over Finals                 5:10pm            5:30pm         6:30pm                TBD

Sun 11 & Over Prelims              6:40am           7:00am          8:00am               TBD

Sun 10 & Under                        1:40pm            2:00pm         2:30pm                TBD

Sun 11 & Over Finals                5:40pm            6:00pm         7:00pm                TBD


Entry Limits: TBA

Fees: TBA


In addition to the nearby hotels, there is now the option to reserve an on-campus apartment.

Rates (last year): $276-$290 per night. 

Names of apartments:  Heritage Common Apartments. 

*Each apartment is comprised of 4 bedrooms with two full bathrooms. Each Bedroom has a full- sized bed.

*Each apartment includes a kitchen with appliances ( oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer and dishwasher).

*Each apartment includes bed linens ( sheets, blankets and pillows) with limited towel service. Housekeeping will remove trash daily from the common areas and refresh bathrooms. No bedroom service will be provided.

* Apartments DO NOT have: tv's, landline phone services, kitchen utensils or dishes.

* Free Wireless Connection is available on property

* Parking is complimentary to apartment renters, with three spots available per apartment in surface lots flanking the apartment complex.

The link to register can be found by clicking here.
Upon clicking on the link, you will need to register an account with Iris, and then type the code to reach the appropriate registration. 
The code for the Long Course Competition is LC2020.