2020 Long Course Junior Olympic Championships (JOs - USA Meet)

Jul 23, 2020 - Jul 26, 2020 (10:00 PM)
July, 6 2020


This meet is for all swimmers registered with USA Swimming who have met the qualifying standards.



Corwin Nixon Aquatic Center

Miami University

750 Oak St. 

Oxford, OH 45056


Schedule: (approximate based on last year; updated schedule will be posted the week of the meet)                

                                               Arrival Time      Warm-up        Meet Start          Meet End

Fri 11 & Over Prelims                7:00am           7:20am          8:30am              TBD

Fri 10 & Under                           1:15pm            1:30pm          2:05pm              TBD

Fri 11 & Over Finals                  4:15pm            4:30pm         5:40pm                TBD

Sat 11 & Over Prelims              6:45am            7:00am          8:30am              TBD

Sat 10 & Under                         1:15pm            1:30pm          2:05pm               TBD

Sat 11 & Over Finals                 4:15pm            4:30pm         5:40pm                TBD

Sun 11 & Over Prelims              7:45am           8:00am          8:30am               TBD

Sun 10 & Under                         1:15pm            1:30pm         2:05pm               TBD

Sun 11 & Over Finals                4:15pm            4:30pm          5:40pm                TBD


Entry Limits: TBA

Fees: TBA