PVS 2019 Long Course Open Championships

Jul 11, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019
June, 30 2019
Coaches,LC 2019 Black group ([* ALL Locations *])


Univeristy of Maryland
Eppley Recreation Center
College Park, MD, 20740


1- There are no spectator heat sheets- everything will be on Meet Mobile for free. Heat Sheets will be available for coaches/officials only. Please have EACH ATHLETE check at the scratch table before leaving the pool
Meet name: 2019 PV LC Open Championships
2- POSITIVE CHECK IN SCHEDULE IS ATTACHED. Check in sheets will be on tables at the athlete entrance-  Do not check in anyone that is not there- the rolling check in times should help with this! 
Please pay attention to which relays swim in the AM versus in Finals- and that the top heat of the distance swims at NIGHT.
3-TIMERS- We are still missing a great number of timers from teams- these are assigned. If I do not have bodies at the timers meeting at 8am- I will be coming to the coaches directly and they will have to staff the lane until the volunteer arrives.


4- Parking - prepay for LOT 1 Thursday and Friday only   https://umd.aceparking.com/events/results?address=&city=College%20Park




TIMER ASSIGNMENTS- Done by site and team. You are responsible for that position FOR THE ENTIRE SESSION- if someone leaves, we will be replacing them with someone from the same team/site. PLEASE HAVE PEOPLE SIGN UP IN ADVANCE SO WE DO NOT HAVE TO HUNT DOWN TIMERS



Eligible Athletes
All SNOW athletes who have appropriate qualifying times are eligible to compete:



  • Swimmers making one (1) qualifying time will be permitted to enter three (3) bonus events. Swimmers making two (2) qualifying times will be permitted to enter two (2) bonus events. Swimmers making three (3) qualifying times will be permitted to enter one (1) bonus event. Swimmers making four (4) or more qualifying times are not permitted to enter bonus events.
  • There shall be no bonus swims used in the 800 Freestyle or 1500 Freestyle.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: A swimmer may not compete in an event at the PVS 13&Older LC Championships if they compete in that event at the PVS LC Open Championships. This includes an event an athlete uses as a Bonus swim at the PVS LC Open Championships.