Jun 22, 2019 - Jul 12, 2019
July, 12 2019


**VERY IMPORTANT** Parents and legal guardians, this is a "must read and agree" document by committing your swimmer(s) to this event. 


Clippers Families,

There is no greater priority than the health, safety and well-being of our athletes. And we have always been very attentive to this. Governing bodies and agencies are constantly looking to ensure that risk of abuse on minor athletes is minimized as much as possible by implementing policies that create appropriate boundaries from adults.

In the spirit of the above efforts, recent federal legislation involving the US Olympic Committee and the US Center for Safe Sport has mandated USA Swimming to announce an enhanced set of Safe Sport policies collectively called the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP). All USA swimming clubs are required to implement this new policy by June 23, 2019.

What does this mean for Clippers families? All club families and adult athletes (aged 18 and over) are required to read and acknowledge that they agree to follow MAAPP. Failure to do this will jeopardize your and/or your swimmer(s) membership with USA Swimming and Clippers. Yearly acknowledgment of MAAPP is required and will become part of the registration process every fall. One parent from each family can acknowledge MAAPP for the entire family, except that any swimmer aged 18 or turning 18 before fall registration will need to individually acknowledge. If you have a swimmer within that age group, please make sure he/she reads the policy.  Paper acknowledgement forms will be given to these older athletes at practice.

Starting June 23, 2019, there are a few areas in particular of MAAPP that will affect how we conduct business at Clippers:

1) All communication between coaches and minor swimmers is prohibited between the hours of 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM. The only exceptions to this rule are during competition travel or emergency situations that can include a last minute cancellation of early morning practice. Because there are numerous minor athlete email addresses linked to member accounts, Clippers will no longer be able to use our Team Unify emailing system between the above hours. If needed, a coach can use their Gmail account to contact parents individually outside those hours.

2) All one-on-one electronic communication between coaches and minor athletes is prohibited.
Any text or email with an individual minor athlete must include that athlete's legal guardian. Phone calls, group emails and group texts are permissible, but must include at least one other adult.

3) Carpooling:
Any adult athlete (aged 18 or over) is prohibited from travelling alone with an unrelated minor athlete to/from team events, training, practice and/or competition without the written consent of the minor athlete's legal guardian. Below is a form that parents/legal guardians can fill out for their minor to travel solo with an adult athlete. If it's a regular occurrence, fill it out blanket style with time periods rather than a specific date. Parents are strongly urged to refrain from transporting unrelated minor team athletes alone as well. It's suggested to have a permission form on file if you're participating in a carpool.

The Clippers business office will maintain completed permission/consent forms.   

4) Locker Rooms/Changing areas at other meet facilities:
Non-athlete adults are prohibited from being in the locker room or changing area alone with an unrelated minor athlete. As such, all non-athlete adults are now encouraged to use the restrooms attached to the hallway when needing bathroom facilities.

Since Silverlake locker rooms are open to all members this policy cannot be enforced.

Questions and concerns can be sent to