LE Senior Meet

Jul 26, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019
July, 13 2019



Lake Erie Senior Championship


July 26-28, 2019

Held under USA Swimming Sanction # LE 19092 LS  Time Trials # LE 19093 LS  


In granting this sanction it is understood and agreed that USA Swimming shall be free from any liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of the event.


LOCATION:         Busbey Natatorium, Cleveland State University

                              2451 Euclid Avenue

                              Cleveland, Ohio 


POOL:  The course is 50 meters by 9 lanes, Colorado timing system and 9 lanes digital readout score board with spacious locker room space and balcony seating for spectators.  The depth of the pool at the start end is 12 feet and the depth of the pool at the turn end is 4 feet. The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C (4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming.  Continuous warm-up/warm-down available during competition in the adjacent 25 yard instructional pool where no diving is permitted.


PARKING:  CSU typically charges $10 per day for parking. There is a parking garage just east of the Natatorium. The garage is attached to the Recreation Center. You can enter the garage off Chester Ave at E. 24th Street. You will have to pay for parking so have cash available. Parking rates are determined by CSU, not the meet host. Meter parking is also available on Chester or Euclid Ave.


RACING STARTS:  Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water.  When unaccompanied by a member-coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer’s legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement.


VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENTS:  This is a Lake Erie sponsored meet.  Every club that participates in the meet is expected to provide volunteer meet workers.  Volunteer assignments for each team will be posted on the LESI website,, by July 19, 2019.  Assignments will not be emailed to individual club members or coaches.  Each team is required to fill all of their volunteer assignments.  Should a club fail to fulfill its work responsibilities; a $100 fine per worker per session will be levied and given to the club who supplies the replacement.

All applicable adults participating in or associated with this meet, acknowledge that they are subject to the provisions of the USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy ("MAAPP"), and that they understand that compliance with the MAAPP policy is a condition of participation in the conduct of this competition.


STARTING TIMES:       Friday

                                        Warm-up 4:45 - 5:30 PM, Meet @ 5:35 PM



                                        Prelim warm-up: 8:25-9:55 AM, Meet start @ 10 AM

                                        Finals warm-up (tentative):  4:30 – 5:45 PM, Meet (tentative):@ 5:50 PM



                                        Prelim warm-up:  8:25 - 9:55 AM, Meet @ 10 AM

                                        Finals warm-up (tentative):   4:30-5:45 PM, Meet (tentative):@ 5:50 PM


Warm-up time may be split if the average number of swimmers per lane is scheduled to exceed 30 swimmers per lane.  The finalized warm-up plan will be found at by Wednesday, July 24, 2019.  Official start times for finals warm-up will be announced during the preliminary session each day. 


ENTRY DEADLINE:  Entries must be postmarked by Monday, July 15, 2019, and received by Wednesday July 17, 2019. Electronic entries must be received by the postmark deadline.  Hard copy and check must be received by Wednesday, July 17, 2019 or your entries will not be accepted.  Mail entries to:  LESI LC SR. CHAMPS, 36295 Spicebush Ln. Solon, OH 44139. Email entries to:


TEAM SUPERVISION:  Teams who are entering swimmers but will not have a coach at the meet should arrange ahead of time for another coach to supervise their athletes.  Swimmers without coach supervision must contact the Meet Director or Meet Referee to be assigned to a coach on deck.


RETURN TO PLAY LAW:  Under the Ohio Return to Play Law governing concussions, all coaches and officials (in state or out of state) are required to have proof of training in concussion signs and symptoms. This training is available for free and can be found at All coaches and officials are encouraged to take this training. It is your responsibility to take care of this requirement.


ENTRY FEES: Individual events $6.00 Relays: $10.00; plus a $3.00 per swimmer LESI surcharge.

There is a $1.00/swimmer handling fee for entries not received in an electronic file.  Make checks payable to: LESI.


ENTRY LIMITATIONS: Swimmers may enter an unlimited number of individual events/day exclusive of relays, but must scratch down to no more than 3 per day.  Swimmers may compete in no more than 9 individual events for the meet. Time Trials will be considered part of the daily limit.   Teams may enter unlimited number of relays, but no more than two may score in a single relay event.


DECK ENTRIES: Deck entries will be offered on a space available basis and seeded at NT.  Deck entries will close 35 minutes prior to the beginning of each session.  Deck entry fees will be:  $12.00 for individual events and $20.00 for relays. Deck entry swimmers, new to the meet, will pay the $3.00 surcharge and must provide proof of USA Registration.



Coaches must be current coach members of USA Swimming and must check in for each meet or session they attend.  All coaches must display the deck pass (wristband is required to be worn by all coaches) issued by the meet host.

Swimmers:  Age is as of the first day of the meet, July 26, 2019.

  • Must be current athlete members of USA Swimming, registered in Lake Erie (On deck USA Swimming registration will not be available.);
  • Must have completed freshman year in high school or must be 15 years of age or older; must have met the time standard requirements as listed (NAG B for 15-16).  Exception:  14Un who have not completed their freshman year in high school may compete in events for which they have a NAG AAA 13-14 time.


QUALIFYING TIMES:  Please see event listings for the long course (L) time standards.  Either Short Course Yards (Y), short course meters (S), or Long Course Meters (L) will be accepted.  Converted times may not be used.  Nonconforming times will be converted by Meet Manager.  Short course meters (S) or yards (Y) entries must satisfy the time standard (NAG B for 15-16 or time standard exceptions as mentioned above under eligibility). 


PROOF OF TIME:   Swimmers should enter an event only if their time falls within the range of the listed time standard for that event as of the entry deadline. Teams of swimmers who fail to achieve the qualifying time at the meet will receive a notice of those times that cannot be verified in the SWIMS database.  Teams shall submit proof of time or a fine of $10.00 for each swim listed in the notice.  Failure to resolve time verification issues within one week of receipt of notice shall result in debit to the team’s account in the amount of the fine.  Unattached swimmers will receive similar notice.  Qualifying times for 50-yard/meter events will be waived for swimmers with a disability.  Swimmers with a disability may enter an event (such as the 100 free) and swim it with a longer meter event (such as the 200 free) provided his/her time for the lesser meter event (100 free) is equal to or faster than the listed qualifying time for the longer meter event (200 free).


Qualifying times for 50-yard/meter events will be waived for swimmers with a disability.  Swimmers with a disability may enter an event (such as the 100 free) and swim it with a longer yardage event (such as the 200 free) provided his/her time for the lesser yardage event (100 free) is equal to or faster than the listed qualifying time for the longer yardage event (200 free).

Times Accepted for Proof of Time

  1. Any time that has been entered into SWIMS provides acceptable proof of time. Times from meets that are sanctioned or approved or swims that have been observed by USA Swimming certified officials for compliance with USA Swimming technical rules (see note following this paragraph) are automatically entered into SWIMS. No additional documentation will be required.
  1. Times from non-approved and non-observed high school, middle school, YMCA, USA or Collegiate meets are acceptable as proof of time if a hard copy of the score sheet/result is sent to Pam Cook (preferably with the referee signature)
  1. Times from summer league meets are not acceptable.

SWIMMERS WITH A DISABILITY: Entries for swimmers with a disability should be handled in the following manner: (1) enter the swimmer in the Hy-Tek database (or on the regular entry form); (2) list in the email accompanying the Hy-Tek entry file (or on a separate sheet of paper) the name of the swimmer, the stroke(s)/distance(s) s/he wishes to swim, the entry times, the day/session s/he wishes to swim the event(s), and the manner in which s/he prefers to be seeded (with a longer distance or with a different age group); and (3) provide any information about special accommodations needed by the swimmer. The final determination of seeding will be made by the Meet Referee after consultation with the swimmer and his/her coach.  


CONDUCT:  The meet will be conducted according to the rules set forth in the current USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.  Events will be contested in one 50 meter course. Friday events are timed finals.  Saturday/Sunday events will be prelim/final except as noted. All relays will be timed finals swum in prelims. All events will be deck seeded and all heats run on a slowest to fastest order except for the 400 IM, 400 Free, 1500 free and 800 free, which will be swum fastest to slowest, alternating girls and boys.  The 400 IM, 1500 Free and 800 Free will be timed Finals. The Finals for the 400 Free will be swam Girls B/A followed by Boys B/A. The Lake Erie scratch rule (attached) will be in effect.


Finals:  The top 18 (A and B heats) in each event.


SEEDING & CHECK IN:  All events will be seeded on the deck in accordance with USA Swimming rules.   The fastest three heats of all prelim events will be circle-seeded.  Swimmers should check in for all of their day’s events prior to the start of warm-up, but no later than 30 minutes before the start of the session. Check in sheets will be posted on the pool deck.  Heat and lane assignments will be posted in various locations around the facility.  It is the responsibility of each swimmer to report to the blocks on time for his/her event.  There will be NO CLERK OF COURSE. Relay cards must be turned in upon call in order to be seeded.   In accordance with 102.1.4, events may be seeded together but scored separately. 


AWARDS:         A finalists will be recognized on the podium at finals.  The podium schedule will be included with the finals heat sheets.

                          Female Team (Top 2)

                           Male Team (Top 2)

                           Combined Team (Top 2)


Results: Final results will be posted on the Lake Erie Swimming web site at


TIME TRIALS:  Will be offered after preliminaries time permitting. Time Trials will cost $12.00 per individual event and $20.00 for relays.


SCORING:  22-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1; relays double.


DRONES:  Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials, and/or spectators are present.


ADMISSION COST:  Children 5 and under and senior citizens 65 & older admitted for free to all sessions.

Friday: $5.00
Saturday and Sunday preliminaries: $5.00
Saturday and Sunday finals:  no charge.
Psych sheets will be available for free download from the Lake Erie website and will not be sold at the meet. 
Finals heat sheets will be available for free on Meet Mobile and will not be sold at the meet.


Results: Final results will be posted on the Lake Erie Swimming web site at 


SAFETY/WARM-UP: Lake Erie Swimming safety guidelines and warm-up procedures will be in effect at all times.  Coaches must maintain contact with their swimmers during warm-up.  All entry into the pool for warm-up is feet first from the starting block end of the pool. Swimmers must enter the pool feet first in a cautious manner with one hand in contact with the pool edge. Swimmers must enter the pool feet first in a cautious manner with one hand in contact with the pool edge. There is no diving during warm-up, except in designated sprint lanes. The final 20 minutes of a 45-minute warm-up will be conducted as follows.

 (a)     Lanes 1 & 9 push/pace from the start end of the pool (or general warm-up at the discretion of the Meet Referee or his/her designee).

(b)      Lanes 2 & 8 sprint lanes for racing starts from the starting block end of the pool, one length only and exiting the pool

(c)      Lanes 3-7 general warm-up, no diving or racing starts.  Any or all of these lanes may be converted to sprint lanes at the discretion of the Meet Referee or his/her designee.

Swimmers are to sprint one way and climb out at the far end of the pool.  Swimmers may be removed from warm-up for violating safety rules. 


CAMERA ZONES:  Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, restrooms, or locker rooms.  Additionally, under NO circumstances will Camera Zones include the area immediately behind the starting blocks at either end of the racing course(s) while they are in use for race starts during competition and warm-up. Those failing to abide by this rule may be removed from the venue.


DECK CHANGES:  Deck changes are prohibited.


INIITIAL DISTANCE: In order to be certain that an initial distance or lead-off relay leg is entered into SWIMS, the swimmer or the swimmer’s coach should notify either the meet referee or the admin before the event and provide the necessary watches as back-up to the electronic timing.  All lead-off relay splits will automatically be uploaded to SWIMS after admin approval; for all other initial distances, the proper paperwork must be completed after the swim in order for the time to be entered into SWIMS.


OFFICIATING OPPORTUNITY – Anyone that is a USA Swimming certified official is welcome and encouraged to join the Lake Erie Swimming (LESI) officials in working this meet.  Please contact the meet director or the Lake Erie Officials Chair in advance of the meet if at all possible to let either know of your availability.  We are also looking for anyone that is interested in becoming an official, for more information please contact the Official’s Chair.


Official’s Chair: Bob Martens,


COACHES:  Packets for coaches will be available in the hospitality room.


NOTE:  Only athletes entered in the meet, working coaches, officials, and meet workers are allowed on deck.  Other non-participants are expected to remain in the spectator area.


MEET DIRECTORS: Vince Colwell ( / Carrie Martens    


ENTRY CHAIRS:                    Eric Peterson/Nancy Veto


DIRECTIONS: From I-77 NORTH, follow signs to I-90 east to E. 22nd street exit, follow E. 22nd north (left) to Euclid or Chester. From I-90 east or west, exit at Chester Ave., park on Chester or Euclid.

From Ohio Turnpike, take I-77 or I-71 north to I-90 east (see above).



In the event of an alarm or an emergency requiring evacuation:

Remain calm, walk to the nearest exit, and leave the building.

Do not use the elevators.

Do not attempt to go on deck or into the locker rooms

Swimmers will be directed by their coaches or meet workers to STILLWELL HALL ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE BUILDING (the scoreboard is on the west wall of the pool.