Summer League Meet #3 @ CN

Jul 11, 2019
June, 10 2019
Seahorse,Starfish,Stingray ([* ALL Locations *])


The BEST part of our Summer Program is the meets!  

Swim Meets typically last close to 2 hours. The seasonal meets are scheduled for the following Thursdays: 6/20, 6/27, and 7/11. There is a $5 fee for year-round swimmers to sign up for these swim meets. 

This year, ALL MEETS WILL BE HELD AT CLOVIS NORTH. Races will start at 5:30pm, but we ask for swimmers to arrive at 4:45pm to check-in and prepare for warm-up. Upon arrival at the pool, swimmers should find the “check-in,” and then find their coach. Coaches will provide direction regarding when swimmers will enter the water for warm-up. Please be early. It allows coaches time to take roll and make any necessary corrections to race entries.


Log-in to your account online with

Once you have done this, go to the EVENTS tab at the top of the page. Under this tab, you will see each swim meet that we are offering this summer.

Please click on ATTEND THIS EVENT and enter your child for the next swim meet.

Entries will close at 8:00pm the Tuesday night (two days) before the meet.

A copy of the heat sheet will be emailed to all league participants and posted to our website on Wednesday, the day before the meet. This is a preliminary copy of the lane assignments. If there are errors on this copy, please contact Mark Bennett as soon as you can: .

Entries may be accepted on the day of the meet with a late fee. Please make sure that you are careful in the sign-up process. If you are confused at any point, we ask that you talk to your child’s coach before or after practice, or call the office at 327-9237. Our coaching staff reserves the right to change an entry without notification.