AA #1 (DCSC)

Jan 18, 2020 - Jan 19, 2020
January, 9 2020
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3 sessions Sat/Sun,

This meet is suggested for AA swimmers who don"t qualify for the meet in Moncton at the end of January 2020

More info to follow



One of the recent renovations of the Sportsplex resulted in the removal of the bleachers for spectators. There will be limited seating on deck for parents (no outside footwear is permitted).  We will have seating (benches and chairs) for swimmers and coaches.


There are both coin operated lockers in the change rooms and ones that swimmers can place their own locks on.  We encourage everyone using the universal change room to pay attention to the glass walls and use the change booths.


Officials, swimmers and coaches:  the Sportsplex has numerous bottle filling stations throughout the facility (including on pool deck and in change rooms); in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, we ask that you encourage all from your team to bring their own water bottles and make use of this service.  There will be some water available to coaches and officials in the hospitality suite. 


Hospitality suite will be located in the Nova Room – turn left at the change rooms and follow the corridor to the end…sign is posted outside the door. 


The shallow pool is available for warm ups and cool downs – this is a two-lane pool.  Please remind your swimmers that it runs parallel to the timers and to be aware of unnecessary splashing.  There is also a hot tub -it is NOT available for use by the athletes. 


The Dartmouth Crusaders will NOT have a canteen at the swim meet.  There is a canteen (Kitchen Door Catering upstairs near basketball courts) that provides healthy snacks and meals.  Programs will be available at our fundraising table.  Jolyn will be present both days with swim suits and equipment.  Both will be located downstairs near the change rooms entrances and squash courts. 


There are several restaurants within walking distance including:  Subway, Bagel Montreal Style, Pho Hoang Minh (Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine), Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Wendy’s and MacDonalds.  We would also recommend Good Luck Café, Wooden Monkey, Two if By Sea Coffee, The Little C and Stone pizza in the downtown Dartmouth area (most of which are at least partially locally sourced restaurants). 


Finally, after much consultation with the facility, they have agreed to take down the climbing walls and we will be running an 8 lane meet not a 7 lane meet



DCSC Meet Management Team