GCSTO's Fall/Winter Tryouts

Jul 22, 2019 - Jul 30, 2019
July, 30 2019



2019/2020 Fall/Winter Tryouts

July 22, 23, 29 & 30 (Mondays & Tuesdays) from 5:30-6:45 p.m. each night at the Gahanna Swimming Pool located at 148 Parkland Drive in Gahanna. No cost.

 NOTE: Athletes will need only their basic swim gear... suit, cap, goggles & towel for tryouts each night. You are not required to each and every tryout but the more you make the better as it is a clinic type atmosphere so your swimmers can benefit from this if they'd like. 


Detailed Information

Who Is This For

This is for brand new swimmers trying out for GCSTO, only.

Past GCSTO team members from fall/winter 2018/2019, spring 2019 or summer 2019 should not be coming to these tryouts as you have automatic acceptance back onto the team for the fall and will start the season in the level it was that you ended up in at your final point with us unless otherwise directed by your coach to move on to the next level.   



Please simply email Coach Steve Nye at stevenye@sbcglobal.net with your child's name, age, your telephone number and their previous experience (summer league team, etc.). We will put you on the tryout list from there. Done in advance this REALLY helps us prepare with proper coaching for the evening. However, if you find out about this at the last minute and simply show up we will get your information the night you come. If you can register early it does make a big difference for us to have a roster preaperd for the coaches.



July 22, 23, 29 & 30 (Mondays & Tuesdays) from 5:30-6:45 p.m. each night at the Gahanna Swimming Pool located at 148 Parkland Drive in Gahanna. NOTE: You are not required to come to each and every tryout but the more you make the better as it is a clinic type atmosphere so your swimmers can benefit from this if they'd like. There is NO CHARGE for these tryouts.

NOTE: August 4th will be initial our committal date for fall/winter swimming with GCSTO. Any new swimmer to our team may secure their spot on our fall/winter swim team by registering online for fall and making their initial registration payment for the season by that date however, you are not required to do so as athletes involved in our tryouts may also keep trying us out for 2 weeks once we start up after the first week of September to get an even better look at the team.



All practices are at the Gahanna Swimming Pool (148 Parkland Drive, Gahanna, OH 43230) which is an outdoor pool. DRIVE SLOW down River Drive and coming into the pool lot please! You are to park in the normal pool parking lot or spaces and come in the front gate, let them know you are here for GCSTO tryouts and then go on back to the 50M pool to report to your coaches who will be located just past the big yellow slide. These tryouts are short course (25yd) just FYI.


Guests & Spectators

No one else is allowed into the pool except the actual campers. The only exception is during evening practices for those who are actually pool members. If you do have a family membership you are welcome to swim in the evening when the pool is open but otherwise no one else but your tryout swimmer should be in the pool and that should be only during tryout times.


Bad Weather

It’s always hit or miss with this with this. Watch the web site for announcements under the NEWS section if we have to cancel due to weather. However, if you have pre-registered with us we will send you a direct email if we have to cancel.


What To Expect


·          Athletes should have a swim suit, goggles, cap (if they have longer hair) and a towel. Water bottles are optional that night but should be brought to normal practices.

·          Make sure that they are dressed appropriately for traveling between the pool and parking lot. Pants, shirt, shoes are needed.

·          There are locker room facilities there for changing before and after practice .

·          Athletes should check in with a staff member upon arrival to the pool then can be seated in the grassy area there on the west side of the pool (starting block side).

·          The athletes will start the night with some basic pre-practice movements/exercises before getting into the pool.

·          They will then go briefly over some safety issues to help ensure they understand these before getting into the pool.

·          Once in the pool we will simply run the athletes through a simple basic practice to help us determine their current skill level. They need to remember that everyone there will be new to the routine so they shouldn’t feel alone. There will work on kicking, on swimming, on push-offs, on turns, on finishes and such in all 4 strokes. Nothing will be too tough on anyone as this is truly an assessment.  

·          We will simply look to see what technical skills they have, what their training background looks like, how well they listen and how they work to utilize the instructions of the staff.

·          After about 45-50 min in the pool we will get the athletes out and discuss their placement within our program with the athlete and their parents. Some may be Swim School level while others may be Novice, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 within our program (simply put these are the names of the levels within our program as an athlete’s skill level advances).

·          Athletes may then get dressed to leave after this.

·          Athletes need to remember that WE are truly the ones “trying out” that night. The athletes get to try US out to see if WE are good enough for THEM (if they like the coaches, like the instruction, like the pool, etc.). The athletes then get a 2 week trial period with us in September as noted previously.

·          If your athlete somehow misses these screening nights whether it be due to sickness, other activities or being out of town they can STILL join our team for a 2 week trial as we will have another wave of tryouts in that first week or two of September. Simply contact me and we will arrange getting that started for them once they are able to do so.


·          You can attend any or all nights of tryouts. The more the merrier but it’s not required to be there for all as we know there are other activities to consider in your family.

·          We will have a parent’s meeting each night to help try and answer questions for you all. We’ll try to keep the meeting down to about 30 minutes so you have time to watch you athletes in the pool. Please bring this outline & a writing utensil f you would.  

·          Please bring any questions you might have written down to the pool that night and we will answer those if not already covered in our presentation.



Steve Nye and the Entire GCSTO Coaching Staff



GCSTO 2019 Summer Team Party & Welcome of New Swimmers

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 from 6:45 to 9:00 p.m. at the Gahanna Swimming Pool.

All GCSTO swimmers from 2018/2019 fall/winter, 2019 spring and/or 2019 summer season are welcomed AS ARE ALL NEW SWIMMERS INTERESTED IN JOINING GCSTO FOR THE UPCOMING 2019/2020 FALL/WINTER SEASON!