MN Swimming Open Water State Championship

Aug 6, 2019
July, 26 2019


Open Water State Championship
Minnesota Flyers (MFLY)

If you are interested in this event, please speak with Coach Rory.

Eligibility: Must have at least B time in 200 fr (9-10), 400/500 fr (11&O)

Meet Type: Open Water State Championships

Fees: MSI Entry fee of $8.00 and $5.50 per event (splash) and a $25.00 facility fee will be charged.

Time Schedule: 6:30am check in - 7:15am safety meeting and 7:30am swim start

  • Technical Meeting Pre-Race meeting: 7:00 am
  • Warm-up Warm Down: 20 minute, lifeguard supervised, maximum of 50 meters out.

Meet Location: Shady Oak Lake, Hopkins MN

Directions: From 494: 1 mile east on Hwy 7 and 1 mile south on Shady Oak Rd. From 494: 1 mile east on Hwy 62 and 1 mile north on Shady Oak Rd

  • Lake Information: Fresh water lake. Depth at the Start end is 3 ft 5 inches and the minimum depth of the course is 3 ft 5 inches and the maximum depth is 10 feet. The air temperature is 70°. The water temperature is 65°. The combined air and water temperature are 135°. Water conditions for the athlete: race is in a bay across the swimming area at city park. Basic lake fish and rocks on the bottom of the lake. Turn buoy heights is 8 ft. The turn buoy color is orange and they are round. The intermediate buoy color is white. The canopy on the beach is the finish markings and structure.

Medical Information: Methodist Hospital is 4.2 miles away from course and takes approximately 10 minutes to transport. EMT and Lifeguards will be onsite for medical care. First responders/Lifeguards – there will be a minimum of 7 on paddle boards or kayaks.

  • Life Guard & Watercraft: 1 – 2 lifeguards in kayaks, watching groups of up to 12 swimmers paddling within about 25’ of group; each guard with rescue tube and whistle; each craft with red flag and air horn; each craft with a radio.
  • Athlete Accountability: Method of athlete body numbering: Both shoulders/upper back, front of right leg, caps. Different neon colored caps will be worn for each age group. Safety monitor and meet director confirm count as start of race. Volunteer counters at each corner buoy. Safety monitor, meet director and time keeper to confirm count at finish. The maximum number of swimmers on the course at one time will be 50.

Severe Weather: We will delay up to 45 minutes; otherwise we will cancel. In case of evacuation a shelter is available onsite. If the event needs to be postponed or cancelled it will be announced over a portable megaphone and the area will be cleared

TEAM COLORS Please wear either black/gold or NSAC apparel for warm ups at all swim meets. This promotes a more unified presence and promotes more team pride.

SPORTSMANSHIP Shake hands with opponents after races regardless if you won or lost, no goggle or cap throwing and only draw positive attention to our team.

EVENTS Coaches have the final say in all events that swimmers compete in. If you are entered into an event you do not want to swim, still give it your best. The coaches have your best interest in mind and put you in events they believe you can swim.

BE EARLY Please arrive 15 MINUTES prior to the start of meet warm ups.

COMMUNICATION Speak with your coaches before and after each race.

CHEERING It is important to cheer on your teammates throughout the duration of the whole meet. This helps to create a unified and supportive environment.