VACA Open Meet

Sep 27, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019
September, 26 2019
September 29, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)



SASO Families-

We look forward to seeing everyone at the VACA meet this weekend.  Please look over the following info for more info.  Additional info is posted on the event page on our website.
Arrival Times (arrive no later than)
Friday                  4:30 pm (if entered)
Saturday              7:30 am for Junior and Senior Swimmers (team meeting/guest speaker)
                            8:00 am for Age Group and Otter Groups
Sunday                7:45 am for Junior and Senior Swimmers
                            8:00 am for Age Group and Otter Swimmers

What to Wear
Be sure to wear a Yellow SASO cap for warmups and races.  Swimmers are encouraged to wear SASO attire (shirts for the new season will be here by Oct 7.)
Deck Entries
VACA is accepting deck entries for the meet.  If you would still like to enter, please arrive at 7:30 am the day you would like to swim (Sat or Sun) to sign up at the meet.
Team Tents
Team tents will be provided for all attending.  These will be in the grass area at the pool.  Please pitch in to make sure the tent area is cleaned up each day-no trash should be left at the end of the day.  Thank you CJ Johnson for volunteering to bring team tents to the meet!!!!

Relays will be posted on Thursday morning.  Swimmers will check in with the coaches at the meet for more relay info.  Relays will be held towards the end of the meet each day (see estimated timeline.)
Psych Sheet and Timeline
Meet information is posted on the event page on our website.
Timing and Officials Shifts
Please be sure to fill either a timing or officials shift each day of the meet.  The job signup is now available for signup.  SASO is responsible for:
Providing Stroke and Turn Officials

We are also looking for a timing coordinator for this meet.  This position does not time or officiate-instead they oversee the timing shifts and coverage on both days.

Ricky Silva
Head Coach-SASO Swimming
Assistant Coach-Solano College