Kelly German Meet @ Worthington

Jan 17, 2020 - Jan 19, 2020
January, 5 2020


Warm up times are posted below - please be on deck 10-15 minutes ahead of our scheduled warm up times.  There is also an approximate timeline provided so you are aware of when sessions will end.

For Friday night - there will be a seperate warm up for the free style evnets... IM-ers will be there for the first warm up, and then the second warm up will ONLY be for Freestyle only athletes (if you are doing both IM and Free on Friday night, you'll just do the one warm up). 

There are psych sheets posted - this should give you an "idea" of whether finals is a likely possibility for your swimmer.... alot of our athletes have a high probability of coming back.  Warm ups for finals will be run by age group.  Please note that this meet will have penalties if you do not show up for a finals event - please make sure you are aware of your final place (after the scratch period). 



Qualifying times:

Tentative timeline and order of events:



2020 Kelly German Memorial Meet - Warm-Up Assignments[29841].pdf
2020 Kelly German Memorial Meet - Projected Timeline[29840].pdf