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Laurel Fall Invitational

Nov 15, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019
November, 5 2019


Friday P.M. Warm Ups: 5:00pm Competition: 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday A.M. Warm Ups: 7:45am Competition: 9:00am

Important Meet Notes:

The Laurel meet this weekend will have heat sheets available for purchase ONLY at the meet, so be sure to bring $5.00 to be able to know which heat and lane your child is in.  There are no heat sheets available to print before the meet. 

Be sure to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start of warm ups and find the Y Hub Fins banner, to sit together as a team.  Don't forget to bring chairs, snacks, water and extra warm clothes to stay warm in between events. 

Parents, we will need your help at the meet to help time.  We will get our timing assignments at the meet and we are asking for parent volunteers to cover these timing assignments.  Please be prepared to time for our team and say yes to the assigned parent that comes around with the timing sign up sheet during warm ups.

The psych sheet and meet timelines are posted in the links below.  Psych sheets are a way to see how many swimmers are in each event and where they are seated for the meet, based on past times.  This is not necessary to share with your swimmer, but is for reference only.  The focus should be on doing the races correctly and the final place doesn't truly matter, since it's all about each individual's personal bests and what they learn from each race! 

Please remind your swimmer to come see the coaches before and after every race, so we can help them prepare for each event and give feedback afterwards! 

Parents, please keep in mind that there is no photography during the start of each race (from when you hear the first whistle, until they send the heat).  There is also no photography allowed behind the starting blocks. 

We also recommend parents letting their kids get to each event by themselves. Many USA swim meets do not allow parents behind the blocks and we recommend the same for all meets.  If there are too many non-swimmers behind the blocks, swimmers have a hard time getting through the crowds.  The same goes for the coaches tables.  We want to make sure there is plenty of space for our swimmers to come see us. 

Be sure to  READ THIS ARTICLE on Swim Meet Truths to help you and your swimmer prepare for meets

Laurel Natatorium
4978 Highway 84 West
Laurel, MS 39443

Team Caps:
Silicone Caps are available for $15.00.  If you would like to purchase a cap prior to the meet, you will need to pay $15.00 at the front desk, then bring your receipt to Coach Addy or Coach Blake to pick up your cap.  If your child prefers a latex cap, please see a coach first, as we have limited latex caps available for purchase.   
 If you need a cap at the meet, see Coach Addy or Coach Tish.