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HPAC Highland Park High

Nov 22, 2019 - Nov 24, 2019
October, 7 2018


Meet Update: Warmups at 8 AM (9-12) and 1 PM (13 Up and 8 and Under). Friday Warm-Ups at 5 PM.

  • The meet is at Highland Park High
  • Iguanas Entries HERE.
  • Iguanas please stay on deck near coaches as much as possible. No food on deck though- if you go to hallway to snack you must wear shoes and clothes!
  • We are responsible to time Lane 8 Sat and Sun AM (two timers). We assign timers on a rotating basis: ths week please the Peck-Walden and Shah families cover Saturday. Sunday the Carbone and Goroff families cover. Please report to the timers meeting at 8:40 AM.
  • The meet is paperless and heat sheets will be on Meet Mobile App.
  • Warm-Ups: HERE. (We are IGSC). For Sat and Sun AM look for our coaches by Lane 10.
  • Timeline of Events
  • Please have swimmers in team shirts and team swim caps. Remind them to see their coaches before and after their races.