Fall (Short Course) Kickoff Meet (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA)

Sep 21, 2019 - Sep 22, 2019
September, 2 2019


 This is the first meet of the 2019-2020 short course season. Attending will be a good way to measure the effectiveness of your summer and August/September training.  

All TRSC age groups will swim in the morning on Saturday, September 21,  and in the morning on Sunday, September 22.

Specifically, the 13& Overs will swim in the East half of the 50 meter pool (Diving well side) and the 12 & Unders will swim in the West half (Scoreboard side). 

If you swim events on Saturday morning, you'll warm up at 10 a.m.; cdmpetition will start at  11 a.m.; and the meet will end around 2 p.m. 

If you swim events on Sunday morning, you'll warm up at 8 a.m.; competition will start at 9 a.m.; and the meet will end around noon.

Fees are $7.25/event + $15 facility surcharge. 11 & Older swimmers may swim up to 4 events/day, the 10 & Under swimmers up to 5 events/day.

You may swim one day or both days.

Fees are invoiced directly to your TRSC account. 

Please note TRSC's early deadline of September 2.

Go Wahoos!