State A - Watertown, SD

Feb 27, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
February, 17 2020


This is a qualifying meet. Swimmers must hold a SD State Qualifying time in each event they swim.  

Prairie Lake Wellness Center (enter on North side of the building) 1515 15th St. NE Watertown SD 57201

**All Times CST***

11 & Over Sessions                                                         10 & Under Sessions

Thursday Afternoon                                                        Friday Afternoon

Warm ups: 3:00-3:50pm                                               Warm ups: 2:00pm

Meet Starts: 4:00pm                                                       Meet Starts: 2:45pm

Friday/Saturday/Sunday Prelim Sessions                      Saturday Afternoon

Warm ups: 7:15-8:30am                                                Warm ups: 12:35pm

(broken into 2 separate 35 min. sessions)              Meet Starts: 1:30pm

Meet Starts: 8:30am

Friday/Saturday/Sunday Final Sessions                   Sunday Afternoon

Warm ups: 4:00pm (approximately)                        Warm ups: 2:00pm

Meet Starts: 5:00pm                                                       Meet Starts: 2:45pm



Swimmers may swim a maximum of 7 individual events for the meet. 10 & under swimmers may swim no more than 6 events per day. 11 & over swimmers may swim no more than 3 events per day. Swimmers may swim 5 relay events for the meet, but no more than 2 per day.


Fees: $13.00 per swimmer plus Individual Events: $4.00


Awards: OVERALL STATE CHAMPION: One individual patch is awarded to the overall champion when the swimmer first attains first place at a State Championship meet in an individual event. One relay patch is awarded to the relay champion team when the relay team swimmers first attains first place at a state championship meet in a relay event. Thereafter, each year the swimmer is awarded only the rocker when an overall first place is earned for each individual or relay event.

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS: Medals (1st through 8th) and Ribbons (9th through 16th) will be awarded to the top sixteen swimmers in each individual event. RELAYS: Medals (1st through 8th) will be awarded in each age group. TEAM TROPHIES will be awarded to the 1st through 3rd place teams.

 INDIVIDUAL HIGH POINT AWARDS: high point awards will be awarded to the top five (5) individuals in each age group and gender.

PERCENTAGE TROPHY will be awarded to the team with the most points per entry, calculated after excluding relay points. Minimum of 7 individual swimmers is required to compete for the Percentage Trophy.

 JIM VORHEES SPIRIT AWARD will be presented to the team demonstrating the best sportsmanship and team spirit at the Championship Meet.

SENIOR RECOGNITION Senior athletes will be recognized at State A during an assigned time period during the warm-up/cool-down period.





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