Black Hills Gold Pentathalon

Jan 25, 2020
January, 13 2020


 This is our last home meet.  It is a one-day Pentathlon, meaning swimmers will swim 5 events based on their age.  Trophies are awarded to the top 5 athletes in each age group with the lowest combined times. 

8 and unders will swim a 25 of each stroke and a 100 IM.

9-12 will swim a 50 of each stroke and a 100 IM.

13 and over will swim a 100 of each stroke and a 200 IM.

Warm ups are 8:30 AM. 

Entries are due online by January 13th.  

Swimmers may register with a yes/no and will be entered into all 5 events for their age group. (Coaches will determine if an individual swimmer is unable to swim a certain stroke/IM based on their ability.)