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Kevin Perry Senior Meet @ RMDA

Oct 31, 2019 - Nov 3, 2019
September, 28 2019
Senior II Group


POOL: LA MIRADA SPLASH REGIONAL AQUATIC CENTER, 13806 La Mirada Blvd, La Mirada. From 5 Fwy South exit Valley View, head North to A londra, turn right to La Mirada Blvd, turn left, center on right. From 5 Fwy North exit Beach Blvd north to La Mirada Blvd, turn le ft, center on right.

RULES : USA Swimming Rules , including the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) , will govern this meet. All Athletes 18 years and older must complete the online Athlete Protection Training prior to the meet in order to compete. Current SCS Meet procedure for Heats and Finals Meets will be enforced and take precedence over any errors or omissions on this form. (See 201 9 SCS Swim Guide ): Check -in is required for all prelim events. Prelims will be seeded slow to fast with three circle seeded heats ( two heats for 500 free and 400 IM) . The National Championship Finals' Scratch rule will be used. Athletes qualifying 1-24 must scratch within 30 minutes of the preliminary results announcement if they do not intend to swim finals (or declare “intent” pending another event in session) . Failure to swim finals will result in disqualification from the rest of the meet or $50.00 fine if no show occurs on athletes’ final event . Fine must be paid to SCS before athlete will be allowed to compete in this LSC. the conforming time for this mee t is Short Course Yards Times and the meet will be seeded SCY first , LCM seccond, and then SCM

QUALIFYING TIMES: Submit ACTUAL times achieved for each event. If standard is achieved in SHORT COURSE YARDS, enter event with SHORT COURSE YARD time, indicated on ent ry by “Y.” If Standard is achieved in LONG COURSE METERS, enter event with LONG COURSE METER time, indicated on entry by “L” . If entering electronically, “L” or “Y” must be indicated on proof of time sheet. All events will be seeded : short course yd s, long course meters, bonus yds, bonus meters . All entry times will be verified in advance through the SWIMS database. Times must h ave been achieved on or after September 1, 201 7 and must be verifiable (meets not in SWIMS are provable only with official results subject to approval by SCS) - refer to 2019 SCS Swim Guide . Do not submit NT (no time) or ET (estimated time). Discrepancies in submitted times may lead to disciplinary action. Coaches, swimmers & parents are reminded that this is a pro of- of -time meet. 1000 (800) & 1650 (1500) FREESTYLE : ENTER all distance events with Short Course Yard s times . Timed final events. Thursday 1000 (event 1 -2) will be swum fast to slow alternating women and men in one course. Based on projected timeline, may be in two courses. Friday 800 event s #15&16 : enter short course 1000 yard times. Friday’s event s, #15&16 800 m eter free , will offer a maximum of 4 heats (2 women/2 men) time permitting. The first of the heats will begin 20 minutes after the morning prelims end and after the pool has been turned to meters. If more than 16 enter for each gender, only two men’s heats and two women’s heats will be filled, using the fastest seed times. Refunds : entry fees paid for 800 and 1500 events (events # 15, 16, 29, 34) not swum will be refunded . Sunday 1650 / 1500 events see back side. ENTRY LIMIT: A swimmer may enter all events for which the time standard has been met and verified. A swimmer may swim no more than 3 indiv idual events per day. A swimmer who meets the automatic time standard for any event is eligible to enter one bonus event. A swimmer is limited to swimming ONE bonus event

ENTRY FORMAT: Individual entry charge of $7.50 per entered event plus $17.00 surcharge. $5 processing fee has been added. NO EVENT CHANGES OR REFUNDS AFTER THE MEET DEADLINE.