DART Winter Invite

Dec 13, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
November, 30 2019
December 13, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Location: Hoos Pool (Sacramento City College)


This is an invite only meet.  Coaches will reach out to those that are invited to attend this meet.  If you have questions if your swimmer is invited to swim, please contact your coach.

Entries will be done through the team website, please pay attention to emails from your coaches about this meet.

Meet Documents:

MEET INFO from team host for families:

  • There is no permanent set up in the bleachers; these are for spectating only.
  • There is no set up of chairs along pool deck except for coaches.  No storing of gear bags/belongings along pool deck for safety reasons.
  • There will be a Snack Bar throughout the meet.
  • Swimmers must pick up their own awards; these will be available 3-6 pm in the gym.  Awards will not be given to coaches or mailed.
  • High Point awards for top 3 in each age group/sex will be awarded 10 minutes after the conclusion of the meet near the office area.
  • The gym (located just south of the pool area) will be open for set up at 7 am on Sat. morning.  We will be announcing meet info (what event/heat is in the water) in the gym. You may leave things overnight in the gym but SCC and DART are not responsible for any losses or thefts. 


  • There is no smoking allowed on the SCC campus.  Smoking may take place only in your own car.
  • You may park in the lots adjacent to the pool; you must purchase parking tickets all days ($2 daily).
  • Spectators MAY NOT set up chairs or blankets/towels along the pool deck. Only coaches will be allowed to sit along deck.
  • You may set up EZups/tents on the cement areas to the west of the pool facility and next to the baseball fields. You may not set up on the drop off area south of the facility and outside the south doors.
  • Parents are not allowed behind the blocks.  Only swimmers will be allowed in starting area.
  • Enter and exit pool on the south doors. The north doors will not be emergency exit only and not for entrance.
  • Important: the locker rooms and bathrooms inside the pool area are for swimmers only; no adults.  All other patrons can use the bathrooms by the baseball field or in the gym.
  • There are homeless people in the area.  We have hired security guards who will be patrolling the area during the meet.  SCC recommends that you do not leave valuables unattended or in your car, and that you accompany young children to and from the gym and pool.