Speedo Midwest Senior Challenge

Nov 8, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019
September, 29 2019
Elite Team,Gold Team,ON Team,Senior Team (Aurora,Bartlett,Bourbonnais,Riverside-Brookfield,Romeoville,Schaumburg,Springfield,Westmont)


Location:  University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA

Details:  This prelim/finals meet will be for all qualified 13&Over athletes in our Gold, Senior & Elite Teams for all six (6) Academy Bullets Swim Club locations.

Qualifying times have not yet been posted, but will most likely be 15-16 year old USA Swimming A Times. This will be a focus meet for many of our HS boys gearing up for their High School season.

We are going to be conducting this event as a team travel trip for all that attend. We, as a coaching staff, feel team travel has so many benefits to the swimmers, both in the present and down the line. Traveling as a team to a meet such as this prepares our swimmers for higher level competitions in their future and being "on their own" at certain meets away from their family. There is a great article that sums up the advantages of this type of event. We recommend you all read this document on the values of team travel to our athletes. Here are the details of the trip thus far.

  1. We will be departing for the trip to Iowa on Friday morning, November 8th. Swimmers in the Chicagoland area will depart from Marmion. Springfield swimmers transportation will be set up separately.
  2. Swimmers will be staying with their teammates at our hotel.
  3. Breakfast will be taken care of by the team as part of the team trip cost. Swimmers will be responsible for their own lunch and dinners each day. As the swimmers that traveled this summer know, the hotel is next door to many restaurants that are a very short walk (Jimmy Johns, Panera, etc.). With the meet being prelim/finals and swimmers traveling back to the hotel at different times during the day, this is the easiest way for the kids to eat and get the rest they require.
  4. We will be coming home late evening on Sunday, November 10th after finals.
  5. All swimmers attending the meet must do so as part of the team travel.

What we need from swimmers & families:

The host wants teams such as ours to attend the meet. There are obviously also a lot of travel arrangements we need to make. This means our entry needs to be turned in earlier than most other meets we attend.

Because of this, all qualified swimmers must commit to attending the event no later than Sunday, September 15th at 11:59pm.

Please feel free to email your Head Site Coach if you have any questions.