Larry Lyons Invitational

Nov 1, 2019 - Nov 3, 2019 (10:00 PM)
November, 1 2019


This meet is the second full-team meet of the 2018-2019 short course fall/winter season.  All swimmers from all groups are eligible and encouraged to attend this meet.  It is a YMCA meet will count towards the 3 meet requirement to compete in the spring championship meets.  



M.E. Lyons YMCA

8108 Clough Pike

Cincinnati, OH 45244


2018 Schedule:                  Arrival Time       Warm-up         Meet Start         Meet End

Friday (10 & Over):             3:30pm             3:45pm           4:45pm              9:00pm

Sat AM (11 & Over):            6:40am             7:00am           8:10am             1:15pm

Sat PM (10 & Under):         1:15pm              1:40pm           2:05pm             5:00pm

Sun AM (11 & Over):          7:00am              7:30am           8:10am             12:30pm

Sun PM (10 & Under):       12:30pm             1:00pm          1:45pm              4:00pm



Parking can fill up fast.  Please make sure that you are parking in a legal parking spot.

Please plan to park at Julifs Park at  8249 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244 (all days) or the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection ELCA at 1950 Nagel Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45255 on Friday and Saturday. 

Timers Meetings and Officials Meetings:

Meetings for timers and officials will take place 30 minutes before the meet start time of each session.


Entry Limits: 3 individual events per day

Fees: $4.50 per individual event; $4.50 per person per relay; $2.00 swimmer surcharge