Carmel Swim Club Winter Invitational (Qualifier)

Jan 17, 2020 - Jan 19, 2020
January, 17 2020





LOCATION -   IU Natatorium, located on the campus of IUPUI -   901 W. New York Street -   Indianapolis, IN  46202


Competition pools: two 25-yard pools, 8 lanes each with competitor non-turbulent lane markers:  Colorado Timing Systems electronic timing equipment: custom designed starting blocks with continuous warm-up/warm-down available in the diving well.  Spectator seating will be in the west concourse of the natatorium only.  Paid parking is available in the parking garage next to the natatorium (eastside).  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING IN THE BUILDING.

Facility Note - 

The IUPUI Natatorium is one of the finest swimming facilities in the world.  It is important that all people attending this meet, whether it be swimmers, coaches, or spectators, treat this facility with the utmost care.  The following rules will be strictly enforced:

Keep all trash picked up

Do not go or let children go, in any unauthorized areas.  This means any place other than the lobby, seating areas, steps to the deck.  Elevators and steps going upstairs are off limits.  Due to USA Swimming insurance requirements only swimmers, coaches, officials and volunteers are allowed on deck.  No exceptions will be made.

Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms


SCHEDULE  All times Eastern Standard Time

  • Friday Afternoon Timed Finals Open 1650 Free
    • Warm-ups: 1:00 PM 
    • Meet starts: 2:00 PM
  • Friday Evening Timed Finals 11-12, 13-14 & Open
    • Warmups: Not Before 4:00 PM 
    • Meet starts: Not Before 5:00 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday Morning Preliminaries 13-14 & Open
    • Warmups: 6:30 AM
    • Meet starts: 8:00 AM
  • Saturday & Sunday Afternoon Timed Finals &  Preliminaries 10 Under & 11-12
    • Warmups: not before 12:00 PM
    • Meet starts: not before 1:00 PM
  • Saturday Evening Finals Sessions 11-12, 13-14 & Open
    • Warmups: not before 4:30 PM
    • Meet starts: not before 5:30 PM
  • Sunday Evening Finals Sessions 11-12, 13-14 & Open
    • Warmups: not before 4:00 PM
    • Meet starts: not before 5:00 PM


All Friday events, Saturday and Sunday 10-under events, and all relays, are timed finals.  The 1650 Free will be swum fastest to slowest after seeding.  

A minimum of 32 swimmers per event will swim events #s 1 & 2 (Open 1650 Free).  A minimum of 8 heats will be swum for events #s 3 & 4 (11-12 200 IM).  A minimum of 6 heats will be swum for events #s 7 & 8 (Open 400 IM) and 13 & 14 (Open 500 Free).  A minimum of 4 heats will be swum for events #s 5 & 6 (13-14 400 IM), #s 9 & 10 (11-12 500 Free) and #s 11 & 12 (13-14 500 Free).  

There will be consolation and championship finals for the 11-12 and 13-14 age groups.  There will be a Super Final of the top four preliminary finishers for the Open age group in the 50 free, 100 free, 100 back, 100 fly and 100 breast.  There will be bonus, consolation and championship finals for the Open age group in all events including those with a Super Final.   All relays will be swum in the preliminary session. There will be no time trials.


ENTRY  LIMITS   Each swimmer in the 11-12, 13-14 and Open Age Groups will be limited to 3 individual events and 1 relay per day (a swimmer may not swim in both a 13-14 and Open relay on the same day).  Swimmers in the 10 & Under Age Group will be limited to 4 individual events and 1 relay per day.  


Link to the 2017-2020 National Motivational Time Standards

2017-2020 National Motivational “A” Time Standards for 15-16 year olds will be used for all OPEN swimmers.

2017-2020 National Motivational “A” Time Standards will be used for swimmers 13 & 14.

2017-2020 National Motivational “BB” Time Standards will be used for swimmers 11 & 12.

2017-2020 National Motivational “B” Time Standards will be used for swimmers 10 and younger, except that 2017-2020 National Motivational “BB” Time Standards will be used for the 200 IM and the 200 free.  (Refer to page 9-11 for specific standards for each event.) 

Please note that 13-14 events and Open events may be swum in separate pools.  We will not delay the meet for any swimmers entered in Age Group and Open events.  A swimmer may not compete in the same event, timed final, or preliminary, more than one time during this meet. Carmel Swim Club reserves the right to swim any of its own club members who have not achieved the minimum time standards.

SEEDING EVENTS   Events will be pre-seeded.  Exceptions:  1650 Free, 500 Free, 400 IM and all relays will be deck seeded.  Seeding of Friday events (with the exception of 200 IM 11-12) will be made at the close of the positive check-in period on Friday.


Individual timed final events: $5.00 per event

Individual prelim/final events: $6.00 per event

Relay events: $8.00 per event.

$2.00 per swimmer, per meet, Indiana Swimming surcharge must accompany each entry.

$1.50 per swimmer, per meet, IUPUI Natatorium surcharge must also accompany each entry.

SCORING   10-Under, 11-12, 13-14 & Open individual events score Top 16 from finals.  All Age Groups score Top 8 for relays.


13 & over:  No individual event awards.

12 & under:  Ribbons will be awarded for 1st through 8th places in individual events and relays.

Visiting Team:  1st - $350 Travel Fund Contribution, 2nd - $250 Travel Fund Contribution, 3rd - $150 Travel Fund Contribution

 1st, 2nd and 3rd High point award in each Age Group.                                                             

ADMISSION   Admission will be charged. Children 10 and under are free.

HEAT SHEETS   Heat sheets will be available for purchase.  Meet results will be posted and available in electronic format through the online application Meet Mobile. 

CONCESSIONS   Natatorium concessions are available. NO SMOKING permitted anywhere in the building.