ISI Regional Championships (Qualifier)

Feb 28, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
February, 28 2020



80 Swimmers from SCST will be racing at Barrington High School this weekend at the 2020 Winter Regional Championships.


SCST Swimmers will clean up after themselves, leave a positive impression by what you do in and out of the pool! This has been a goal of our Team all season.

SCST Swimmers will be early to Warm-Ups, one of the most improtant steps to success is being ready to go! 

SCST  will not miss a race, this is a Championship Meet, SCST is there to RACE!

SCST will win our Regional Championship Meet.

SCST  will have Female, Male and Relay Regional Champions in every age group.

SCST will have No DQ's! Last year SCST had 10.

SCST  will have over 80% of our swims be improved times. Last year SCST achieved 245 improved swims.

SCST will achieve 25 New Illinois Swimming Championship Time Standards.

SCST Swimmers will wear SCST Apparel while at the meet and when accepting their awards on the awards podium.

SCST will begin each session with a Team Cheer.

SCST  Swimmers and Fans will display Team Spirit.

SCST Swimmers and Parents will have a uniform appearance.  On Friday Swimmers where your BLUE SCST T - Shirt and Parents wear Blue.  On Saturday Swimmers & Parents wear the 2020 Championship T-Shirt.  On Sunday Swimmers wear your ORANGE SCST T-Shirt and Parents wear Blue.  If a Swimmer is not swimming on Saturday and you want to wear the 2020 Championship T-Shirt please wear it with pride on Friday or Sunday!

MEET HOST PAGE -  HERE (Illinois Swimming) HERE (Barrington Swim Club)

LOCATION - Barrington, Illinois

FACILITY - Barrington High School - 616 West Main Street, Barrington, IL 60010



Friday Evening Session 1 

Warm Ups 4:30pm (SCST 4:55-5:20pm - Lanes 5 thru 7)

Positive Check In Closes 4:50pm

Meet Starts 5:30pm

Saturday & Sunday Morning Sessions 2 & 4 

Warm Up 7:30am (SCST 7:55-8:20am - Lanes 7 & 8)

Positive Check In Closes 7:50am

Meet Starts 8:30am

Saturday & Sunday Afternoon Sessions 3 & 5 

Warm Up 12:00pm (SCST 12:40-1:00pm)

Positive Check In Closes 12:20pm

Meet Starts 1:00pm


The meet is large so please show up early so that SCST Swimmers will have a place to sit.

Event Limitations, a swimmer may enter any number of individual events in which they have met the qualifiying standard.  A swimmer may swim no more than ten (10) indiviudal events during the meet.  No swimmer shall be permitted to compete in more than four (4) individual events per day. Swimmers be prepared to provide your own timer and counter for 1000 and 1650 Free.

Positive Check-In, All events will be Positivie Check-IN, Swimmers Positive Check In will be done with SCST Coaching Staff.

Distance Events 1000 & 1650 Free for 11-12, 13-14 & Open Women and Men will be entered as separate events but will be swum together.

The 1650 will be swum fastest to slowest, alternating between Women's and Men's heats.

1650 Swimmers will need to provide their own timer and counter.

Awards, Individual 1st thru 8th, Relay 1st thru 3rd and Team 1st thru 3rd.  Awards for top 8 women and men will be presented according to the awards breaks shown in the event list. SCST will be wearing SCST Appareal when receiving their awards on the podium (blocks on the east end of the pool)

Meet Packet

Order of Events

Team Entries

Warm Up Assignments

Psych Sheet (02/27/2020)

Preliminary Timeline (02/27/2020)