Teddy Bear Invite

Jan 31, 2020 (01:00 AM) - Feb 2, 2020 (11:59 PM)
January, 10 2020
Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Age Group 3, Age Group 4, Junior 1, Junior 2


Location of Meet:    
Blue Ash YMCA

5000 YMCA Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45242

Recommended for:    JR1, JR2, AG1, AG2*, AG3 & AG4*

*Swimmers in JR2, AG2 and AG4 who are not attending the Cincinnati Marlins meet should attend

Sign-up Deadline:   January 10th 

Purpose of the Meet:   This meet is for JR1, JR2, AG1, AG2, AG3 & AG4. This is a great YMCA meet for swimmers to gain experience racing. 
Transportation:   There will be no transportation provided for this meet.

Swimmer Shirt Schedule:   2019-20 team shirt TBD

Coaches Shirt Schedule:   Polos TBD

Meet Information:    Maximum of 3 individual events and one relay event per session. Heat winners will be awarded a Teddy Bear after their races. High point trophies will be awarded for each age group. Concessions will be offered. Parking is free. 

Entry Fees:    $5 for each individual event. $18 per relay team.

Deck Entries:  

·       Deck entries will be allowed to fill empty lanes only. No new heats will be added.  

·       Deck entry fees:  Individual event: $10.00

·       Deck entry fees must be paid with cash or check made out to “Blue Ash YMCA Swim Team” prior to the race. 

·       Deck entries close 40 minutes prior to the start of each session.

General Admission Fee: No admission fee. Heat Sheets will be available for $5 per session.

Meet Schedule:   Please arrive at the pool 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of warm-up. Look for warm up schedule to be added when we get more information from the host.

Meet Starting Times:




  (CY specific)  

Meet Start/ End



Friday PM

5:15PM – 5:30PM

Lanes 3-4

   6:15PM - 8:10PM   

8 & under

   Saturday AM    

7:20AM – 7:40AM

Lanes 5-6

   7:50AM - 12:35PM   

   11 & over   

Saturday PM

1:00PM – 1:15PM

Lanes 1-6

2:05PM - 6:30PM

10 & under

Sunday AM

7:40AM – 8:00AM

Lanes 5-6

8:05AM - 12:00PM

11 & over

Sunday PM

12:20PM – 12:35PM

Lanes 5-6

1:15PM – 4:00PM