Girls Team Dual Meet at CCM - NOTE DATE CHANGE

Nov 9, 2019 (09:30 AM) - Nov 9, 2019 (12:30 PM)
November, 4 2019
November 7, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Girls Team Dual Meet

The occupancy limits is just under 200 people which includes volunteers, coaches, swimmers, etc.  We ask that there is only 1 adult per family. 

(we ask that there are no extra siblings, grandparents, friends etc).  

We ask for a 6 extra heat limit. (which means kids will be swimming up ages if it can avoid extra heats)

Swimmers will line up on one side of the wall and ALL parents on the other.  Usually timers and officials can go to the front of the line to ensure they gain entrance.


1. All meets we ask that all groups wait outside the main doors to
the pool until myself or my lifeguard comes to the door to begin check
2. Swimmers, coaches, and officials should line up on the right
side of the hall and parents/caregivers should line up on the left side.
3. All swimmers, coaches, and officials will be let in first and
then be allowed into the locker rooms to change and LOCK up all swim
bags and personal items.
4. All parents/caregivers will be let in after all swimmers,
Coaches, and officials.
5. Everyone will be accounted for on a hand held counter so that
there are no mistakes. They will also receive a stamp or marking to show
they were admitted entrance. (The color or stamp will be changed each
6. Once we have hit occupancy limits, the doors will be locked
from the outside.
7. No one will be allowed in after we hit occupancy limits, unless
someone leaves with the intent not to return. At that point, my staff
will then let a new person in to take their spot.
myself and my staff to focus our attention on the people inside and
their safety.
9. Check in will begin 15 mins before the start of a meet. If
there are meets back to back, we will begin check in after the 1st meet
has completely cleared the facility.
Please also remind all:
1. There is to be no food or liquid drinks other than water/sports
2. Swim caps should be worn at all times in the pool if your hair
is longer than your shoulders.
3. All swim bags should be LOCKED in the locker rooms.
4. Please clean up after yourselves in the pool area AND locker
5. All shower curtains should stay in the shower basin when the
water is running so that locker room flooding does not happen.
6. All showers should be turned off completely after use.
7. Coaches should keep an eye on what swimmers are doing in the
locker rooms, please provide supervision to this area as needed.
8. If you see something wrong to the facility as you enter (water
in locker rooms, debris, damage, ect.) please let myself or my staff
know so that it can be documented and addressed right away.