YMCA Silvers at GCIT

Feb 14, 2020 - Feb 16, 2020
February, 3 2020


This is where we have stayed the past few years.

Championship Meets and Qualifiers (and Groundhog Meet)

YMCA Championship Rules

  1. You must have attended 3 closed YMCA Meets in order to attend YMCA Championship Meets and your YMCA Membership must be in good standing.
  2. You can only enter events you qualify for (conversions are allowed according to the meet entry file)
  3. You can not enter Bronze if you have 5 Silver Times
  4. You can not enter Silver or Bronze if you have 5 State Times
  5. You can only attend Sunkissed or Nationals if you have fully attended your highest level local YMCA championship meet
  6. ANYONE can attend the Final Finale as their last meet.

Regarding the qualifiers: The two Qualifiers and the Groundhog Meet’s purpose is to try and qualify for championships in an event, more events or to get your three closed meets in. Some athletes also need a bit more experience going in and that is appropriate. Please use them wisely as quite often athletes go for the sake of going, with no real purpose in being there and it takes away from their function and creates a situation where they have raced the same events too much going into their respective championship meet.  We will be able to change events within a day or so before so if you make something you can replace it.