Texas A & M Sectionals

Feb 27, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
September, 28 2019
Elite,Senior ([* ALL Locations *])


Deadline for Entry: September 28, 2019

Deposit:  There will be a $400 non - refundable deposit for this trip.  The deposit will be charged to accounts on September 15 and process on September 30.  LSC and Booster Club funding will be applied prior to the billing of the balance of the trip in March.  The total cost of this trip will be $800 - $1000 per athlete.  Please see the CCS and Booster Club policies for questions regarding travel assistance funding.

Qualifying Times: See attachment for times. Swimmers must be qualified to swim the events entered. Events may be qualified for by meeting yards or meters qualifying times. Qualifying times must have been achieved within two (2) years of the first day of the meet (February 28, 2017). All swimmers must have met the
“Sectional Standards” for each event entered (except for bonus entries, see rules below).

Number of Events: Swimmers may compete in a maximum of 3 individual
events per day and 1 relay event per day. Swimmers may enter and compete in
a maximum of 7 individual events for the entire meet.

Bonus Events: Swimmers entered in at least one individual event, may swim up
to two bonus events during the championships, provided they have achieved the
“Sectional Bonus Standards”.