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Dec 13, 2019 (03:00 AM) - Dec 15, 2019 (03:00 AM)
November, 18 2019
December 5, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Meet: MAKOS Holiday Classic
Location: Miami University Aquatic Center; Oxford, Ohio

Deadline to Sign Up: 11/18/19

Recommended for:   ALL 9 & OLDER MANTA RAYS

***Mason Manta Rays will need to supply several experienced Timers for this meet. Please click on the Job Sign Up Button to review and sign up for open timer slots.  Timers will need to sign in at the timer check-in table in the concourse and report to the Head Timer 30 minutes prior to the beginning of each preliminary session in the wet classroom downstairs.******

Maximum Number of Events per day: Three (3) individual events per day. Coaches will enter all relays after all entries are received.

Meet Format: This meet is for swimmers age 9 and OLDER. The OPEN 1000-yard freestyle, Friday evening events and all relay events will be TIMED FINALS (only swum once). Friday events may be limited to keep the session within 4 hours. The remaining individual events will be PRELIMINARY and FINALS. Consolation & Championship finals will be swum for the 11-12, 13-14, and Open events. Only one Championship final heat will be swum for the 9-10 age group. 9 lanes will be used for prelims and timed final events. All heats of the 1000-yard freestyle will be swum fast to slow following Sunday morning prelims in two courses.

Awards: Individual Events Medals 1st - 3rd place, Ribbons 4th - 18th place.  Relays; Medals 1st - 3rd place.  High point awards for 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and open events will be awarded. These awards will be made to the swimmer in each age-group with the most points regardless in what age group their points were earned.

Entry Fees: $6 per event plus $2 per athlete fee that goes into the Ohio Travel Fund. Relays are $8 ($2 per athlete) Fees will appear on your meet fee bill.

Parking: There is a parking garage located alongside the recreation center that is used for a small parking fee (credit cards accepted). Meter parking is also available along the roads surrounding to recreation center.

Deck Entries: Deck entries may be accepted for swimmers already entered in the meet, no new heats will be added.

Timers: All teams with 10 or more swimmers provide two (2) timers per session.

Concession: a full concession area will be available

RAYS SHIRT SCHEDULE:     Friday - Grey    Saturday - Green     Sunday - Navy  

Posted after the meet on the host team's website

PSYCH SHEETS and LIVE Results - (SEE MEET MOBILE APP "2018 OH MAKO Holiday Spirit Invitational")

Host team’s website - MAKOS --UPDATED INFORMATION




Warmup Times: UPDATED 12-4-2018                                      
Friday - Warm-up To Swim 4:50 PM; Warm-up 5:00-5:20 PM; Meet starts 6:05 PM (end ~ 9:38p)

Saturday AM (13&O) - Warm-up to Swim 7:00 AM; Swim Warm-up 7:05-7:30 AM;  Meet starts 8:05 AM (end ~11:38a)

Saturday PM (9-12) - Warm-up to Swim 12:20; Swim Warm-up 12:30-12:50 PM; Meet starts 1:35 PM (end ~4:14p)

Saturday FINALS - Warm-up to Swim 5:15 PM; Swim Warm-ups 5:30 PM (If swimming in afternoon session, ask coach when to arrive for finals)  (end ~8:53p)

Sunday AM (13&O) - Warm-up to Swim 6:30 AM; Swim Warm-ups 6:40-7:05 AM; Meet starts 8:05 AM (end ~12:10p)

Sunday PM (9-12) - Warm-up to Swim 1:00 PM; Warm-up 1:10-1:30 PM; Meet starts 1:35 PM  (end ~4:26p)

Sunday Finals - Stretch 5:15 PM; Warm-ups 5:30 PM (If swimming in afternoon session, ask coach when to arrive for finals) (end ~8:49p)