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Aug 1, 2019 - Aug 31, 2020
July, 22 2019


Any families interested in joining the Rays??


My name is Preston Parrish and I am the Head Coach of the YMCA Swim team (RAYS). With the RAYS we offer a level for everyone! From beginner to national level, from recreational to Olympic level, we have a spot for your swimmer! The Rays are very fortunate to train out of many YMCAs thoughout York and Lancaster County. For the 2019-2020 Rays Program will be training out of the Fort Mill YMCA @ Baxter (Starting in mid-late October 2019), Rock Hill Aquatics Center, Gregory Family YMCA in Lancaster, the Clover Aquatic Center, and the new Fort Mill YMCA @ the Complex opening in October of 2019. 

The easiest and best way to get started with the team is to schedule a low key assessment/evaluation swim, where I or one of the other Rays coaches can watch your swimmer swim a few laps of the strokes. At this placement swim we discuss whatever other questions you have about swimming year round, schedules cost, or just swimming in general. There are about 12 different levels that your swimmer can be placed in ranging from swim lessons to national level swimmer. It is much easier to discuss practice times and costs once we know what level your swimmer will be placed in.

We will run these placement swims through our Placement Coordinator Coach Lynn Williams. If interested please contact her at  

Update on the UPYMCA Programs that will be offered at various branches throughout York and Lancaster Counties:

Rock Hill Aquatics Center;

The RHAC we offer everything from swim lessons, to the Mini Rays Program, to year round competitive swimming.

Fort Mill YMCA @ Baxter:

We will have the Mini Rays Program running at the Fort Mill YMCA which is a great low key "stroke clinic" type program for all developmental swimmers looking to gain the fundamentals and skills for the sport of swimming. The program will be offered 2 to 3x a week and there will be swim meets offered monthly at the Rock Hill Aquatic Center where the Mini Ray Programs of all the sites will compete with each other. This program is a great stepping stone into the world of fun competitive swimming. The Mini Rays Program at the Fort Mill  Baxter YMCA will start at the conclusion of the High School Swim Season which is normally around Mid-October. More info to come!

Gregory Family YMCA in Lancaster SC: 

Coach Ann Small and the Rays joined together in the 2015-2016 season and it was a tremendous success. For more information please contact Coach Ann Small at USC-L branch of the Rays program offers programs with all ages as well. These swimmers will train/practice at the USC-L campus pool and can compete in meets with the Rays Swim Team at the Aquatic Center and other pools that the team travels to.

CSD Community YMCA in Clover/Lake Wylie:

Entering our 4th Season at the CSD Community YMCA off Hwy 274 in Lake Wylie, SC. This facility will have 3 pools and a water park. The facility will house a branch of the Rays Program. We will offer all levels from swim lessons, to the Mini Rays Pre-team program, to a year round competitive team. The first 3 years were a tremendous success and we are looking forward to many more


Fort Mill YMCA @ The Complex, Fort Mill Aquatics Center:

The wait is over! The new pool is built and we plan to start practicing in early October. This branch of the Rays program will mirror the programming offered at the RHAC. From Swim lessons, to mini rays pre-team program to year round competitive team.