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Team Support - Junior Group

Sep 6, 2019 (09:00 PM) - Aug 31, 2020 (09:00 AM)
November, 10 2019
September 19, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
Coach, Jr 1/Jr 2, Jr 3



A strong component of the culture and swimmer experience at Orinda Aquatics comes from our parent community in the form of Team Support. The coaching staff spends the vast majority of their time focused on seasonal plans, training regimens, coach education, and daily workout preparation (swimming and dry land), not to mention the actual time and energy spent on the pool deck for workouts and competitions. Orinda Aquatics wants its coaches to keep their focus and efforts directly on the athletes, creating a need for parents to help behind the scenes. To ensure our culture includes impactful social and team-building activities, and the coaching staff has the support it needs to function at a high level, OA asks that all families contribute to this cause by volunteering for one Team Support position during the swim year.  

Junior Group Team Support consists of two important positions:  Travel support and Buddy Coordinator.  These positions are necessary components in making the OA experience positive and fun for our athletes. 

The social events for the swimmers are meant to be casual, fun gatherings to provide some time for conversation outside of practice. The parent responsibilities to facilitate them are structured to be very manageable. With just a few helping a lead role, the events become fun and easy for all. Please follow these simple steps to find jobs that are convenient for you:

Very important: if you are a returning family to the junior group, please sign up for a lead role for one of the social events, for the travel coordinator, or to facilitate the activity at the water park. We need your experience in these roles! Please don’t sign up for a “helper role” until you have fully considered the other roles, or they are already taken.

Please click on Job Signup if you would like to volunteer to help with these positions.  No experience is necessary!   Questions?  Please contact Bryn Hartley:  [email protected]  if you would like further information.