Stroke & Turn Officials Clinic

Oct 1, 2019 (06:30 PM) - Oct 1, 2019 (07:30 PM)
September, 28 2019


Parents-- we need as many of you as we can get to become Officials!  

Officiating is one of the most important ways you can become involved in our sport.  It takes some time to train for this important job, and it takes some time to maintain certification once you have it, but without your help we struggle to host great meets.  Also, having more active officials in Arkansas Swimming helps us to be able to expand our championship to become a more inclusive meet, which is vital to the fun and success of our swimmers.

Here are some of the perks of being an official:

  • Berzerker Swimming pays all of your required registration and training fees that are related to being an official and maintaining certification.

  • Your volunteer obligations at meets are fulfilled by officiating , so you know you won't get stuck in other jobs at our meets. (Trust us, there are a lot worse jobs than officiating!)

  • If you volunteer at home or away meets, you are able to eat from the hospitality table and write off your miles and hotel (related) expense on your taxes .

  • During every year that you maintain your certification to officiate at meets and give your time as a volunteer official at our home meets the club will excuse $100 of your ($200) annual team fundraising obligation .

  • You get to look great in the super attractive white shirt that all of the officials wear.  Come on-- you know that was the first thing you thought of when you started reading this email.

Once you become a Stroke and Turn Official you can continue to advance toward becoming a Starter or Referee in the future.  Also, if you are more comfortable with computers, you could start training immediately to become an Administrative Official (A.O.) and take on the important task of verifying results before they are posted.

Randy Miller will be giving an officials clinic on Tuesday, October 1 at 6:30pm.  This will be at the WCHS pool during our regular practice time. Please email Randy Miller at rsccc.miller@gmail.com with your questions or to declare your intent to participate. Once you have been through this clinic you will be able to start working on deck at swim meets, getting you one step closer to full certification.