Charger Blue and Gold Part 2 Saturday

Sep 14, 2019 (09:00 AM) - Sep 14, 2019 (02:00 PM)
September, 13 2019


Part 2 Saturday 9-2 at Albuquerque Academy

This is the Season kick off BBQ and Team day -

Saturday please try to arrive around 9 am.   Have children wear their suits with tshirt and shorts/skorts/skirts...anything really as they will swim.  In the past the photo has been taken in the gym area, just follow the crowd.  

You will not need mesh bag, you will need suit goggles, caps and towels.

Pam Medley will be here at 9:00 to talk with those interested in becoming officials.  Please join us then, if you're interested in that job ask anyone wearing a Charger Polo where to find Pam.

Team Photo 9:30 am - Wear a CHARGER SHIRT - I have the shirts and will be handing them out at the pool starting Friday September 6th. 

The BBQing will happen on the patio and the food will then be set up inside at 11:30 along the north side of the gallery (behind the timing board).  You're welcome to get food and take it outside to eat.  You can also eat on the bleachers, if you'd like.  You're welcome to bring blankets or chairs to sit on outside.

If you would be willing to help set up and organize food as it is brought in, please let Brandi know so she can inform the Academy staff. 

Academy staff has asked us to contribute water, salads, cookies or chips if you are able.  

D & J Sports will be on site with all sorts of equipment and suits to sell.  If you are interested in a team suit and do not know what size/ect or need equipment that you wish to purchase in person instead of online they will have lots to offer

Equipment Swap   Its swim gear swap time!!!  We will have a table set up during CAQ Team day Sept 14th.  Please bring items you wish to swap and pick up items you need.  Its free!  It’s a great way to pick up items your kiddo may need or exchange items that no longer work for you family, i.e. items your kiddo has outgrown or items just sitting around you know you won’t use.  Bring the items with you on Team day. A table will be set up on the upper deck northside of the pool.  Come and browse and pick up items you need!!!

Please RSVP on the website so we can plan accordingly.

Please RSVP if your swimmer is coming so that we can plan our Blue vs Gold Meet around those who will be in attendance..  


Charger 505 @ Sandia