Team Equipment Sale

Sep 14, 2019 (07:00 AM) - Sep 14, 2019 (09:00 AM)
September, 14 2019
B12, B14, B18(a), B18(b), G14, G16, G18, Masters 1x, Masters 2x, Masters 3x, W1, W2, W3


It is Kendra and Boyoon  - your friendly neighborhood equipment coordinators - back for another swim season!!  Hope everyone had a relaxing summer!! J

We thought we would send out an email regarding this years EQUIPMENT SALE as well as some other useful info.


This is sooner than last year, but this way all orders will arrive in time for the early meets. We will have cotton and dri-fit T-shirts (long and short sleeve), caps, towels (limited quantity), cotton hoodies ect… available this morning.

Once again this year we will be taking orders for both the Dri-fit hoodies with the swimmers name embroidered on the back and caps with the swimmers name on the side.  Due to minimum order requirements this will be the only time this season these items will be offered.    The deadline for cap and dri-fit hoodie orders is Friday September 20th.

As in previous years all purchases of Goldfins Gear both at the sale and throughout the year will be charged directly to your swimmers account.  We don’t touch money.  J

***** If any ordered items are going to be a gift or surprise for your swimmer, please let us know at the time of order so we do not hand it to your swimmer when it arrives and ruin all your fun!!********

How To Get in Touch with Us

We can be reached by e-mail or text.  Our Contact info is included in every weekly Flash. We will do our best to answer any questions and get gear to swimmers as quickly as we can.

Other Equipment

As a club we do not stock or supply items such as goggles, kick boards, suits, fins, bags ect..  To purchase these please see our club sponser BRAINSPORT on Broadway Ave.  They have a wide selection and their staff are always happy to help.  They offer a Goldfins family discount of 10%.

Bags with Name and Logo

To have the Goldfins Crest and swimmers name put on a bag, bring the pre purchased bag to MEE SPORTS.  They have our Logo and colors on file.  It takes about a week.

Crest - $13

Name - $7

I think that is all for now… see you at the sale!!  And around the pool too.

Kendra and Boyoon