Rochester (Tier 3,4)

Feb 14, 2020 (02:00 PM) - Feb 16, 2020 (06:00 PM)
December, 31 2019
Alpha Leaders,Jr. Elite,Senior (Fridley High School,Jackson,Oak View,Senior 1,Senior 2,Spring Lake Park)



CALL: (507) 258-7300,

470 17th Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901

Rochester Rec Center Natatorium - 21 Elton Hills Drive, Rochester, MN  55901
Approaching Rochester from the South or North on US Hwy 52 take the 19th Street NW exit.  From the North, take a left across the bridge and continue on the Elton Hills Drive.  Follow Elton Hills Drive to just before the intersection with Broadway (0.8 mile).  The Rec Center is on the left prior to the Broadway Intersection.  If you approach from the South take the 19th Street Exit, veer right and continue through the light onto Elton Hills Drive.  Follow Elton Hills Drive for about 1 mile.  Pool is on the left.  Entrance to the pool during competition is on the WEST side only.

Meet Type:

This is a 2 1/2 day, with timed final and prelim-final sessions.  The top 24 finishers in each Senior Girls preliminary event and top 16 finishers in each 13/14 Girls and Senior Boys preliminary event will advance to the evening session of finals.  This meet is open to all teams in the MN LSC as well as teams outside of MN and its LSC.


MSI Entry fee of $3.00 and $9.00 per Individual/relay swim and a per swimmer facility fee of $15.00 which will be used to pay for pool rental and RSI surcharge.  


Meet programs will be on sale for $5.00 per session or an all-inclusive $15.00 for the meet.  Meet Mobile will also be available.

Time Schedule:  

Session 1 - Friday AM -Timed Finals ; Warmups start at 11:30am; Meet starts at 12:30pm
Session 2 - Friday PM- 12 & Unders Timed Finals;  Warmups not before 3:00pm
Session 3 - Saturday AM-13 & Over Prelims; Warmups 6:45am-7:50am; Meet starts at 8:00am
*Note there may be a 5 minute break after the Open Girls Relay.  
Session 4 - Saturday PM-12 & Under Timed Finals; Warmups not before 11am

Session 5- Saturday Finals (Top 24 Open Girls, Top 16 13-14 Girls and Open Boys); Warmups not before 3:00pm; Meet starts not before 4:00pm
Session 6 - Sunday AM-12 & Under Timed Finals; Warmups 7:20am-8:25am; Meet starts at 8:30am
Session 7 - Sunday PM-13 & Over Timed Finals; Warmups not before 11:00am
*Note-there may be a 5 minute break after the Open Girls Relay.

Warmups may start in the shallow end or warmup pool for some afternoon sessions with at least 10 minutes in the main competition pool. 
Assigned warmup lanes/times will be emailed to teams prior to the meet.  
If the secondary pool becomes available at the end of the session, we will utilize both pools to complete the session in a timely manner.


It has come to our attention that there are a few questions about the Vince Herring Meet Info and File.  
Here is some updated info to help alleviate any confusion.
1. Sunday (Session 9 & 10) Girls and Boys Open 100 IM and Open 50's (Fly, Back and Breast) Events are only for 13 and Older swimmers.  The event does not have an aged attached to this event and is allowing 12 & Unders to sign up for these events. Please sign up for the 12 & Under event for these events as these events are ONLY for 13 & Older Swimmers.  
2. All 13 & Older events are showing up as two sessions, but are really happening at the same time in two different pools, only one session (see below).  Please double check that your swimmer is only in 3 events on Friday and Saturday (they can be 13-14 OR Open but only 3 events) and 4 events on Sunday.   Please check that you have selected the correct age 13-14 OR Open for your swimmer.  
NOTE: 12 & under swimmers can swim in Open events throughout the weekend (NOT 100IM or 50's (Fly, Back, or Breast) on Sunday Session 9 & 10 see above) but just need to stay within the 12 & Under individual limits (3 events on Friday and 4 events on Saturday and Sunday)
3. The Meet Information has 7 sessions listed in the Time Schedule but in order to run two pools for the 13 & Older session, Rochester had to create multiple sessions within the one session.  So below is the Meet Information Time Schedule Sessions that aligns with the Event sign up sessions.
Meet Information Session 1
Event -  Session 1 (Open Girls) & Session 2 (13-14 Girls and Open Boys) two pools WU  11:30, Meet  start 12:30
Meet Information Session 2
Event - Session 3 one pool WU not before  3:00
Meet Information Session 3
Event - Session 4 (13-14 Girls and Open Boys) & Session 5 (Open Girls) two pools WU  6:45-7:50, Meet  start at 8:00
Meet Information Session 4
Event - Session 6 one pool WU not before  11:00
Meet Information Session 5
Event - Session 7 one pool Finals WU not before  4:30
Meet Information Session 6
Event - Session 8 one pool WU  7:20-8:25, Meet  start 8:30
Meet Information Session 7
Event - Session 9 (Open Girls) & Session 10 (13-14 Girls and Open Boys) two pools WU not before  11:00 AM


Individual Medals 1st-8th; Relay Medals 1st-3rd
Scoring:  The meet will use traditional 16 place scoring for all Prelim/Final and Timed Final events.   Events will only be scored through the number of athletes participating in a final-for example:  if the event is Prelim/Final and only the Top 8 in that events swim at night, then only the Top 8 will score.  Relays are double points.   Custom towels for the King & Queen of the Mountain (Fastest total time in 1650, 500, and 1000 events).