2019 MW BSC B- Intro Meet - CANCELLED

Oct 6, 2019 (07:30 AM) - Oct 6, 2019 (11:30 AM)
September, 29 2019
Coaches,Cudas,Golds/Jrs,Seniors/Elites,Silvers (Bellevue East,Bellevue West)


This is our one-session Intro Meet, designed to be an introduction to competitive swimming.  This meet will be held on Sunday, 6 Oct, at Bellevue East High School.  Due to construction, participants will need to park in the front of the building and use the north entrance to the building.  The pool is located in the northeast corner of the school.  

This meet is only one session with warm-ups beginning at 7:30am, and the first event set to begin at 8:30am.  Swimmers of all ages and abilities are eligible to participate; check with your swimmer's coach about what events would be appropriate if you have any questions.