Swim-A-Thon (Main Day)

Oct 30, 2019
October, 30 2019



This is the big day to see how many laps your swimmer can do!

We offer make up, and long swim options!

The official USA Swim-A-Thon has rules that allow for swimmers to swim up to two hours!

In addition the max number of laps is 200, based on the rules and pledges collected. With awards at the 100 & 200 lap levels!

In the past:

Racers have usually hit 50-75 laps.

Dynamos 75-100 laps.

Age Group and older 150+, with 200 laps in long time period for Age Group!

SOLO also requires your support of the team through participation.

Which helps to provide for the continued strength of the program.

Thank You!